Quectel Wireless Solutions 16182009002 User Manual

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Quectel Cellular Engine

M10 User Guide


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Quectel Wireless Solutions 16182009002 User Manual

1 .EVB kit introduction

1.1 EVB top and bottom view

QuectelFigure 1: EVB top view


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Figure 2: EVB bottom view

A:Debug port

B:Main UART port

C:Test points

D:Adapter interface

E:Module operating status indication LEDs

F:PWRKEY button

G:EMERG_OFF button

H:VBAT switch

I:VCHG switch (charge function)

J:Download switch

K:Connector for M10-TE-A board

L:Screw holes for fixing the M10-TE-A

M:Headset socket

N:Handset socket of audio channel 2

O:Handset socket of audio channel 1

P:Antenna connector fixing hole

Q:Screw holes for EVB placement

R:SIM card socket

1.2 EVB accessory

Figure 3: Accessory introduction

A:5V DC switching adapter

B:USB to UART converter cable


D:RF cable



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F: Bolts and nuts for fixing module and EVB

QuectelFigure 4: EVB and accessories

2.Operational description

2.1 Tune up procedure

Firstly please equip the module and accessories as the figure 4.


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QuectelThen ,switching the H switch to ON state, J switch to ON state Press the F button PWRKEY for about 2 second, then the LED glint and the module is tuningup successfully ( the location of All Switches and

buttons please see the Figure 1)

2. M10 features

2.2.1 General specification

M10 is a Quad-band GSM/GPRS module delivers GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz performance for voice, SMS, Data, and Fax in a small form factor and with low power consumption. M10 can be used for WLL applications/M2M application and much more.

Quadband GSM/GPRS module with a size of 29x29x3.6mm ● Customized MMI and keypad/LCD support

● An embedded Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack ● Supply voltage range 3.4 ... 4.5 V

● Normal Operation Temperature: -35°C ~80°C ● GPRS multi-slot Class 12

● GSM R99

2.2.2 Hardware Specification

The hardware block diagram for M10 is shown as below:


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