QLogic 2400 Series QConvergeConsole User Manual


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Simplified I/O Management for QLogic Adapters


Management tools make all the difference between a difficult-to-use or easy-to-configure product in the enterprise data center, and QLogic provides a full suite of tools for storage and networking I/O manageability. Deploy Fibre Channel, Converged Networking, Intelligent Ethernet, FabricCache™, or virtualized I/O solutions using QConvergeConsole® (QCC). The comprehensive graphical and command line user interfaces centralize I/O management of multiple generations of QLogic storage and network adapters across operating systems and protocols.

QConvergeConsole management suite includes a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI), a lightweight command line interface (CLI), and an integrated VMware® vCenter™ Plug-in (VCPI) to provide single-pane-of-glass management. Leverage QCC’s rich feature set to query and modify driver parameters, monitor statistics, run diagnostics, troubleshoot, administer updates, provision bandwidth, change I/O personality, and assign access control. QCC is designed to streamline the management of storage and networking I/O operations.

Data Sheet

QCC Features




Centralized Management: Discover, configure, monitor, update firmware, diagnose, provision, and

control access across multiple generations of adapters, operating systems, and protocols.





Personality Management: Configure flexible I/O personality at the adapter level and at the port

function level.





I/O Virtualization: Manage I/O virtualization with NIC partitioning (NPAR) and virtual Fibre Channel I/O

port with N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV).





I/O Provisioning: Dynamically manage efficient I/O bandwidth usage and scaling with NPAR and

streamline quality of service (QoS).





Assets, Statistics, and Reports: Discover connected hosts and attached QLogic adapters, generate

reports, and collect detailed adapter and port statistics and logs.





Notifications and Alerts: Automatically send notifications with host configuration to an e-mail



distribution list and set up alerts for error and information management.







Access Control: Assign passwords, protect critical operations, and prevent unauthorized access for



SAN and LAN administration.







Topology Maps: Visually manage storage and network maps with an end-to-end view of the adapter’s


connections to the hardware storage and network I/O components.






Wizards: Easy-to-use wizards walk through Flash and driver parameter file updates on adapters and


deploy firmware and driver updates across the data center.






Web Client: Establish secure HTTPS connections using a GUI from widely supported Web browsers to



the servers deployed with QLogic adapters and management agents.







Command-Line Operations: Execute an extensive command set from an interactive menu-driven or



scriptable interface and automate the adapter management tasks.







vSphere® Integration: Manage comprehensive I/O operations across generations of adapters from the



vSphere environment with the vCenter Plug-in and vSphere Web Client Plug-in.







CIM Providers: QLogic’s vCenter Plug-in CIM provider and Fibre Channel-FCoE CIM provider allow



integration of management applications for distributed adapters.







Parameter and Firmware Management: Update Flash memory and activate firmware across multiple

generations of adapters. Display and manage configurable parameters for Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and

Ethernet functions. Capture detailed firmware debug logs for faster support, analysis, and resolution.








Target Device Connectivity: Display information tree for discovered target devices and LUNs

connected to the Fibre Channel and Converged Networked Adapter ports.








SuperInstaller: A comprehensive package installation tool that streamlines the installation of management


components and drivers in a few simple steps. Supported on Windows® and Linux® platforms, SuperInstaller provides


an interactive menu-driven mode or a scriptable silent option.






Efiutil and Fast!UTIL: Efiutil is an extensible firmware interface (EFI)/unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI)


application that runs from the UEFI shell to access and modify the nonvolatile memory of the QLogic adapters in


batch or CLI modes. Fast!UTIL allows the customization of general and advanced settings. Fast!UTIL manages boot



devices and driver parameters by optimizing low-level settings to fine-tune the adapter.






SN0058083-00 Rev. B 10/13


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