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Quick Start Guide for the

Polycom® HDX™ 4000

What’s in the box?

Basic Setup

Optional Setup



Use the Keypad

View Computer: Switch between computer

Send Computer: Start and stop showing

desktop and video conference views

computer desktop content to far sites

Layout: Cycle through display layouts

Help: Access the online help; system status in a call


Navigate through menus

Select: Confirm your current selection; perform

Zoom In/Out: Zoom the camera in or out

functions on highlighted items

Far/Near: Select the far-site or near-site camera


to control

Back: Return to the previous screen

Home: Return to the Place a Call (home) screen

Call: Place or answer a call; indicates call status

Hang Up: End a call

Directory: View or manage directory entries


Keyboard: Display the onscreen keyboard



Volume Up/Down: Increase or decrease the sound

Option: Display menu of optional features

you hear from the far sites and your computer



Enter letters or numbers; move the camera to

Delete: Delete letters or numbers

a stored position


Press once for a dot, twice for a colon, three times

Mute: Mute the microphone audio you’re

sending to the far sites

for an asterisk


Place a Video Call

End a Call

1.Select a site to call in one of the following ways:

Select Place a Call and enter the IP address (including dots), H.323 name, or ISDN number. To enter text, press Keyboard on the keypad.

Press Directory on the keypad. To find the site you want to call, use the arrow buttons on the keypad or the Search field. To enter text in the Search field, select Keyboard.

In the Favorites or Recent Calls list, find the site you want to call.

2.Press Call on the keypad.

Press Hang Up on the keypad. If prompted, confirm that you want to hang up.

Switch Between Desktop and Video Views

Press View Computer on the keypad.

The View Computer button lights up when you are viewing the computer desktop. If you are in a call, the far site cannot see your computer desktop when this button is lit.

Answer a Call

Press Call or select Yes using the keypad.


Show Content

Use the Send Computer button on the keypad to start and stop showing content from your computer desktop.

The Send Computer button lights up when you are sending content. The far site can see your computer desktop when this button is lit.

Change the Layout

Adjust the Camera

1.If you are in a call, press Near to select near-site control.

2.Press Zoom to zoom in or out.

If you need to block video from your site, slide the privacy shutter closed. A blinking green light indicates that the privacy shutter is closed while the system is in a call. A steady green light indicates that the privacy shutter is open while the system is in a call.

Adjust the Audio

Press Volume Down and Volume Up on the keypad.

Press Mute on the keypad.

Send VGA Signal Out

In order to see your computer desktop on the Polycom HDX 4000 monitor, you might need to use your computer’s keyboard function keys; for example, FN+F7.


Press Layout on the keypad to cycle through different arrangements of the near site, far site, and content.