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Pairing Information

Before using your headset for the first time, you must connect it with your Bluetooth phone or device. Ensure that the headset is fully charged. For help pairing your headset to your specific phone, view the online demo at


Plantronics has developed QuickPair technology, featured in many current Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, to make set-upwith a Bluetooth phone even easier.

When you first switch on the headset it will automatically go into pairing mode for an extended period, flashing red and blue. Refer to the additional information below to complete the pairing.

NOTE: You normally need to pair the headset and handset only once. If the headset has been previously paired with another device, please follow normal pairing instructions below.

Plantronics Voyager 510/520

1. With your headset turned on, simultaneously press the listen volume adjust button marked + (volume up) and the call control button.

Release the buttons when the indicator light begins to flash red then blue.

2. While the headset is flashing red and blue, use the phone menu to search for Bluetooth devices and select “510 Plantronics”.

3. When prompted for password, enter 0000. The headset will flash blue when paired successfully.

Plantronics Explorer® 230 / 360 / 370

Discovery® 925, Voyager® 835 / 855

1. With your headset turned off, hold down the call control button until the headset status indicator briefly glows blue, then flashes red and blue. The headset is now in discovery mode and will stay that way for 120 seconds.

2. On your phone, highlight and select “Look for Devices,” or equivalent, to activate the scan for the headset.

3. When the phone display shows the scan results, select “xxx Plantronics”. The phone will continue to search for the headset.

4. When the phone display asks for a passkey, type “0000” and press Enter. Your headset is now linked to your phone.

Stylish headsets, backed by great technology


Enjoy quick access to all your calls using multipoint connectivity. Most wireless devices use point-to-point,which means they can only be actively connected to one device at a time. For example, a mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset might be connected throughpoint-to-point.

When a headset has multipoint capability, it can receive information from more than one device at the same time. So, for example, you can pair two Bluetooth handsets to your headset. Once you’ve paired two Bluetooth handsets to your headset you will be alerted to incoming calls on either device. Although you can switch between two paired handsets, multipoint technology does not have the capability to place one call on hold or allow you to converse on both phones simultaneously.

Multipoint technology has a different function for stereo phones with the A2DP Bluetooth profile. For example, the Voyager 855 headset will alert you to incoming calls so you immerse yourself in music, easily take a call and then resume listing to music — allon the same device.


WindSmart technology reduces the wind noise your callers would otherwise hear by employing targeted audio processing, strategic microphone placement, integrated screens or our patented porous ceramic filter.

Dual Microphones

The microphone is the first point of contact with your voice and affects what your callers hear. Two microphones capture and separate your voice from background sounds to assist AudioIQ better than a single microphone.


The smartest way to hear and to be heard.

AudioIQ is Plantronics’ unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology building on our history of innovation and sound technology leadership.

AudioIQ technology is smart enough to know what you really want to hear. It provides noise reduction and automatic enhancement of incoming voice quality as your surroundings change, so you carry on hands-freeconversations without having to struggle to hear and be heard.

What does it do when you are listening?

Plantronics is the only company helping you to better hear your calls, because there are two sides to every conversation.

AudioIQ technology automatically enhances what you are hearing in reaction to your “sound environment”.

What does it do when you are talking?

AudioIQ is tuned to assess input from one or two microphones to separate and enhance your voice so you can be heard above the background noise of your surroundings.

The best way to explain it:

If you listen to music in your car, you’ll know that you have to constantly adjust the volume because the background noise is changing. AudioIQ makes the adjustment automatically — idealfor a mobile professional on an important call.

If the noise around you is louder, you need a bit more volume when you are listening, but you also need the background noise eliminated when you are talking.

Plantronics headsets featuring AudioIQ adjust for both situations so can you hear and be heard in noisy environments.

To experience AudioIQ go to

Choosing Plantronics is a Sound Decision

In 1969, a Plantronics headset carried the historic first words from the moon: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Since then, Plantronics has become the headset of choice for mission-criticalapplications such as air traffic control, emergency dispatch, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Today, our Bluetooth headsets take communications and entertainment to new heights, making hands-freecommunications and digital entertainment richer, clearer and more convenient. We make advanced products yet understand that simplicity is equally important so we provide uncomplicated features and universal compatibility in every Bluetooth headset. Technology alone does not maintain a competitive edge, so we design Bluetooth headsets that also meet the comfort, proportions and aesthetics required by consumers worldwide.

Plantronics has developed a range of Bluetooth mobile headsets to meet the challenges of everyday life — proving that choosing Plantronics is a sound decision.

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Bluetooth® Headset Portfolio

FALL 2008


What do


Easy Everyday Communications

you want


Affordable hands free calls at a touch of a button

to use your







headset for?












Explorer® 230


Explorer 360

Explorer 370


























Target customer First time buyer seeking


First time buyer seeking style

Ideal for those who work and



a comfortable, reliable and


and comfort

play outside



affordable headset











Key differentiators

Comfort, clear sound, universal


Swivel earloop and one-touchbuttons

Ruggedized to Military Std 810





for ease of use

for water, dust and shock resistance






Product benefits

QuickPairtechnology and simple

Simple and intuitive control for the

Built in screen reduces wind noise



user interface make this an ideal


easiest of use

Contoured eartip channels sound right



first headset






Contoured eartip directs sound into ear

into ear







Slim earloop for all day wearibility


QuickPair technology and simple

Sporty lanyard holds headset







Contoured eartip offers a better sound

user interface makes this an ideal

QuickPair technology and simple





first headset




user interface makes this an ideal











first headset

Technical data & product information
















Enhanced noise reduction



Built in wind screen





Battery with up to talk / standby time

8 hrs / 8 days

7 hrs / 8 days

7 hrs / 8 days

* with AAA charger ** up to talk / listen / standby time
























Missed call indicator








Charging options

AC charger

AC charger

AC charger

(360A includes car charger)

(370A includes car charger)




Wearing Style Options

Swivel earloop for wearing

Swivel earloop for wearing

Swivel earloop for wearing

over either ear

over either ear

over either ear, lanyard









Part Number










Single Pack (H x W x D)

8.25" x 5" x 1.25"

9.875" x 6" x 2.25"

9.875" x 6" x 2.25"

3 Pack (H x W x D)

8.75" x 5.5" x 5.25"

6.25" x 7.375" x 10.25"

6.25" x 7.375" x 10.25"








12 Pack (H x W x D)

9.25" x 8.875" x 11.25"

12.75" x 15.125" x 11"

12.75" x 15.125" x 11"







24 Pack (H x W x D)









Multiple Device Connectivity

One headset to communicate with all your mobile devices





Voyager® 510

Voyager 520

Voyager 835

Discovery® 925













Mobile professional seeking

Ideal for professionals

Mobile professionals requiring

Style concious professionals

clear calls even in windy

who are often outdoors

clear calls in noisy or windy

seeking elegant and simple




design with crisp sound quality





Noise canceling headset with

Noise canceling headset with

Superior sound with Dual-micAudioIQ

Unique VFramedesign and couture

WindSmart® wind noise reduction

wind noise reduction screen and

noise canceling technology

carrying case with rechargeable battery


desktop cradle







Noise-cancelingmicrophone and

Multipoint technology allows the user

Dual-micAudioIQ noise canceling

VFrame design captures your eye as

WindSmart technology for clear

to have two active Bluetooth phones


well as your voice


connected at any one time

WindSmart technology reduces

Rechargeable case keeps you in charge



Multipoint technology allows the user

Noise-cancelingmicrophone reduces

wind noise

AudioIQ noise control technology for

to have two active Bluetooth® phones

background noise


In-carcharger keeps you connected

clear calls

connected at any one time


Wind noise reduction screen

on the go

Multipoint technology allows the user


Choice of changeable eartips




Multipoint technology allows the user

to have two active Bluetooth phones



Simple and intuitive controls


to have two active Bluetooth phones

connected at any one time



connected at any one time

Three sizes ofself-stabilizingeartips let






Slim, lightweight design forall-day

you tailor the fit























Dual-micAudioIQ noise canceling

AudioIQ noise canceling technology

WindSmart technology

built in wind screen

technology and Windsmart technology






6 hrs / 4 days

8 hrs / 7.5 days

5 hrs / 7 days

5 hrs / 7 days





























AC charger

AC charger, desk stand

AC charger, car charger

AC charger, micro USB cable,

rechargeable case




Swivel boom, eartip kit

Swivel earloop for wearing

Swivel earloop for wearing

S, M, L self-stabilizingeartips

over either ear

over either ear

for wearing in either ear














9" x 5.5" x 2.25"

9" x 5.5" x 2.25"

9" x 5.5" x 2.25"

9" x 5.5" x 2.25"





7.3" x 5.8" x 9.8"

7.3" x 5.8" x 9.8"

7.3" x 5.8" x 9.8"

7.5" x 6" x 10"





15.1" x 12.7" x 10.5"

15.1" x 12.7" x 10.5"

15.1" x 12.7" x 10.5"

15" x 12.5" x 10.5"









Music & Calls on the Move

Enjoy wireless stereo music in between your calls


Voyager 855

Mobile professionals seeking one headset to control calls and music

Two in one headset for calls and music listening

Headset controls enable you to remotely control your listening and seamlessly take calls

AudioIQ technology automatically adjusts voice levels depending on the environment to ensure optimum call clarity

Sliding boom automatically answers and ends calls



AudioIQ technology, sliding mic boom, sound-isolatingearbuds

7 hrs** / 5 hrs / 8 days

11g mono / 15g stereo

AC charger

S, M, L occluded earbuds, foam earbuds, optional earloop, stereo earbud


9" x 5.5" x 2.25"

7.3" x 5.8" x 9.8"

15.1" x 12.7" x 10.5"