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Headsets and Amplifier Systems

for the Call Center

Build the right headset systems for your Call Center

Select the headsets and headset amplifiers that meet the needs of your call center agents.

First choose a HEADSET from a wide selection ofindustry-leadingstyles. Then choose theAMPLIFIER to tailor a system to your environment.

Plantronics also offers CORDLESS solutions for the call center manager, where mobility means improved response times and competitive advantage.

Plantronics is the technology leader in communication solutions, providing the industry’s widest choice

of best-in-classproducts. More call centers partner with Plantronics than with anyone else. We make it our business to know your business.

Plantronics is the only company you need for quality, selection and service.

Choose your headset style: over-the-head,over-the-ear,convertible orbehind-the-head…



Convertible Model














This innovatively designed convertible headset will





Over-the-headstyles provide comfort and stability.

Over-the-earstyling is more discreet and unobtrusive



satisfy all your agents’ wearing preferences and





Available in monaural and binaural models, each

and provides easy on, easy off convenience. Each model



simplify your inventory management requirements.



converts for right or left wearing preferences and

converts for right or left wearing preferences and comes



Converts from over-the-headtoover-the-ear,right





comes with a choice of our trademark voice tube

with a choice of our trademark voice tube or noise-



or left side wearing styles, and is available with our



or noise-cancelingmicrophone.

canceling microphone.





trademark voice tube or noise-cancelingmicrophone.

























Encore® Headset

















Family H91(N) / H101(N)

















Top-of-the-linemodel offers















all-daycomfort and superior















sound quality. Sound

























Enhancement System

Headset Family H81(N)




Headset Family H171(N)







(SES®) lets you select bass










Stable, over-the-earheadset design that’s so discreet




Best-in-classversatility, sound






or treble setting for fuller,









and comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.




quality and comfort in one






richer tone.









Four user-selectableearbud sizes for customizing fit.




innovative, stylish headset.






1.76 oz. (51 g) Monaural









Ultra-lightweight:0.46 oz. (13 g)




Breakthrough ergonomic






2.68 oz. (76 g) Binaural











Quick Reference




design and rugged durability



Supra® Headset









combine for the most













demanding, extended use.



Family H51(N) / H61(N)








0.67 oz. (19 g) Over-the-ear



The most popular









1.34 oz. (38 g) Over-the-head



lightweight headset








New! DuoPro





in the world, Supra













comes with fully




Headset Family H41(N)








adjustable headband
























for extended-wearuse.



All-day,easy-on,easy-offcomfort and con-



DuoPro sound quality and comfort





1.37 oz. (39 g) Monaural



venience, ideal for intermittent calls while









multitasking. External receiver rests lightly



in a stylish behind-the-headdesign.




2.08 oz. (59 g) Binaural









against the outside of the ear.



1.13 oz. (32 g)




































0.67 oz. (19 g)

Headset Selection Guide
























All headsets are available in H-Seriesand Polarisdirect-connectmodels.





































































Switch between over-the-headandover-the-earstyles











Over-the-eardesigns are more discreet and unobtrusive

























Over-the-headdesigns are more stable













Behind-the-headdesigns are stable and discreet







and office environment:































Over-the-earstyle is easy to put on and take off.











Designed for maximum all-daycomfort











Monaural models let you hear background voices


Turn over























Binaural models cut out distracting background noises












for headset








Voice tube models offer easy positioning, great sound










Noise-cancelingmodels reduce background noise



























Sound Enhancement System (SES) for full, rich tone

























Industry-leadingsupport and2-yearwarranty















Headsets and Amplifier Systems

for the Call Center




Complete Headset


…then choose an amplifier to connect your headset to your agent’s telephone.

All Plantronics amplifiers deliver our unique Call Clarityand SoundGuard® Plustechnologies to improve voice quality and maintain sound at a comfortable level.

Headset Amplifier Models

M12 VistaTelephone Headset Amplifier

This compact universal amplifier sets the industry standard and connects Plantronics headsets to nearly all call center telephones.

Easy-to-usebutton controls for headset and handset selection, volume and mute.

MX10 Headset SwitcherAdapter

Connects a single headset to a telephone and PC, making it ideal for computer-basedtraining. Enables advanced features like music on hold and call recording. Separate controls adjust incoming and outgoing volume.

SQD Amplifier

The Switching Quick Disconnect Amplifier is RNA*enabled, to eliminate missed calls and improve customer satisfaction.

Dual headset port provides improved training and supervisory capability. Optional knee well mount for cord and desktop management.

*Representative Not Available

P10 Plug Prong Adapter

The P10 plug prong adapter is designed for use with specific PBX and call center systems. Features adjustable volume control, and compatible with most ACD systems.

DA50 USB-to-HeadsetAdapter

Bring the quality and comfort of Plantronics call center headsets to VoIP softphones. The DA50 USB-to-headsetadapter features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and includes Plantronics’ exclusive PerSono Prosoftware to optimize the audio qualities of your agents’ headsets for enhanced communications with your customers.

Direct-ConnectHeadset Solutions

Many call centers have stations with headset-readytelephones and agent consoles. Plantronics has partnered with leading telephone manufacturers to provide the followingdirect-connectsolutions, with no additional amplifier required:

Polarisdirect-connectheadsets, a complete solution for headsetready telephones.

Adapter cables to connect your existing Plantronics H-Seriesheadsets directly toheadset-readyphones.

A20 Telephone Headset Amplifier

and Accessory Deck

A unique and efficient under-the-telephonedesign streamlines your agents’ workspace and provides a host of added features, including amplifier,in-useindicator, headset stand and cord management.

Seamless telephone integration with audible visual cues for outgoing volume, tone control and mute. Add one-touch,call-answeringconvenience with the optional HL10 telephone handset lifter.

Shown with HL10. Telephone not included.

HL10 Handset Lifter (Accessory for A20 and CA10)

This must-haveaccessory, featuring remote ring detection, adds remote call answer and end capability to CA10 cordless systems, andone-touchcall-answeringconvenience to A20 corded desktop systems. Stylish design fits discreetly under your telephone handset.






complete telephone dial-pad.A



CA10 Cordless Telephone



Headset Amplifier



Perfect for the call center supervisor or mobile agent who must be on call from anywhere on the floor. Using a 900 MHz design, the CA10 connects to your corded business telephones and the compact remote delivers range of up to 150 feet. Add and optional HL10 handset lifter for remote call answering and ending.

Headset Telephone

T10H Headset Telephone

This analog amplifier features a

terminal is available, and it can be used with all Plantronics call center headsets. Includes in-useindicator and headset stand.

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