Peerless-AV MOD-WP2 Specsheet

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Peerless-AV MOD-WP2 Specsheet





Modular Series












422lb (192kg)




Dual-Pole Wall Plate



Display size




Max load

For concrete or wood stud walls















Additional Features

•• Allows attachment to the wall for the Modular Dual Pole Series

•• Works with wood stud, concrete, cinder block or breeze block

Peerless-AV’s Modular Mount Series features a full range of products to fulfill multiple requirements with a limited number of components. The universality of the components allows you to configure your own perfect custom flat-panel display or projector mounting solution for any application. The Modular Mount Series was developed with the professional AV installer in mind with a 2" (50mm) diameter support pole that can be easily cut to length on the job site making it ideal for new projects as well as for upgrading existing installations. The MOD-WP2 makes wall mounting possible for Floor to Wall display placement applications.

The dual pole design of the MOD-WP2 provides additional strength and stability, so you are able to install larger displays within your application.

2" of plumb adjustment

Allows installation on walls that are not plumb

Dual Poles

Provides added stability with heavier and larger displays

Mounting holes

on each side or centered

Allows simple placement of the mount

Dual-Pole Display Mount Stacking Clamp,

MOD-ASC2, included

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