Peerless Industries 151-071M, 3P605NT, 3P600, 3P600 Assembly Instructions User Manual


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Installation Instructions

6 Foot Drill

Seed Box Agitator Option

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General Information

These instructions explain how to install the agitator option. The agitator stirs the seed directly above the metering cups. It is intended to cut down on the "bridging" of light fluffy seeds.

These instructions apply to:

118-748A 3P600 Agitator w/Drive - 7-1/2" 118-749A 3P600 Agitator w/o Drive - 7-1/2"

118-750A 3P605NT & 605NT Agitator w/Drive

118-751A 3P605NT & 605NT Agitator w/o Drive

118-788A 3P600 Agitator w/Drive - 6"

118-789A 3P600 Agitator w/o Drive - 6"

Manual Update

Refer to the 6 foot drill operator’s manual for detailed information on safely operating, adjusting, troubleshooting and maintaining the agitator option. Refer to the parts manual for part identification.

Drill Manual Part Numbers

151-061M 605NT & 3P605NT Operator’s


151-061P 605NT & 3P605NT Parts Manual

118-794M 3P600 Operator’s Manual

118-794P 3P600 Parts Manual

Assembly Instructions

Agitator Shaft

See Figure 1:

1.Remove covers (1) from inside both ends of seed box by removing bolt (2), lock washer (3) and hex nut (4).

Before You Start

Beginning on page 8 are detailed listings of parts included in the agitator option packages. Use the proper list to inventory parts received.


Right-hand and left-hand as used in this manual are determined by facing the direction the machine will travel while in use unless otherwise stated.


Figure 1

Seed Box Cover Removal

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2 Seed Box Agitator Option

See Figure 2:

2.Slide agitator shaft (5) into seed box from left side of drill.

3.As shaft advances, slide on parts in the following order.

35 tooth sprocket (6)

bearing and flanges (7)

lock collar (8)

bearing and flanges (9)

lock collar (10)

bearing and flanges (11)

4.Attach bearings and flanges to divider (12) and inside of end panels (13 and 14) with 5/16 x 1 inch round head bolts, lock washers and hex nuts.

5.Slide lock collars (8 and 10) against bearing and flanges (7 and 11) and tighten set screws.

Figure 2

Agitator shaft Installation




Great Plains Mfg., Inc.

Installation Instructions 3

Drive Assembly

605NT and 3P605NT Drive

NOTE: If your drill is equipped with a native grass option, a majority of the agitator drive is already installed. Go to page 4 for chain routing.

See Figure 3:

1.Mount bearings and flanges (1) to left side of drill frame and to the frame support as shown. Use 5/16 x 1 inch bolts (2), washers and nuts to secure flanges. Leave bolts loose.

2.Install drive shaft (3) through bearings. As you install shaft, place 17 tooth sprocket (4) on shaft near left side of drill frame.

3.Place 17 tooth sprocket (5) on the right end of shaft.

4.Install three 12 tooth idler sprockets (6) in locations shown, using a 1/2 x 3-1/2 inch bolts (7), hex jam nuts (8), USS flat washers (9)

and hex flange nuts (10).


Figure 3

605NT & 3P605NT Drive Assembly



Great Plains Mfg., Inc.

4 Seed Box Agitator Option

5.Refer to Figure 4. Install 16 tooth splined sprocket (11) to gearbox as shown, and fasten with snap ring (12).

See Figure 5:

6.Route chains as follows:

a.The 45 pitch chain around new 16 tooth sprocket (13) on gearbox to 17 tooth sprocket (14).

b.The 89 pitch chain around 17 tooth sprocket (15) near left side of frame to 35 tooth sprocket (16) on agitator shaft.

7.Adjust idlers to remove chain slack.

Figure 4


Gearbox Sprocket

Agitator Chain Routing

NOTE: For drills with the native grass option, include the agitator sprocket (16) in the 166 pitch chain routing as shown.

Agitator Chain Routing with Native Grass


Figure 5



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