Paxar TC6032EM User Manual

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The printer can use three types of supplies:



Receipt Paper

There are two print modes. The way you load the supplies depends on the print mode you use.

Peel mode removes the backing paper from the supplies as it prints the labels. This mode allows you to apply the label immediately. It is for labels only.

Non-Peel mode does not remove the backing paper. It is for labels printed in a continuous strip, tags, and receipt paper.

L o a d i n g S u p p l i e s

To load supplies:

1. Turn on the printer.

2. If a date prompt appears, press the Load key. Otherwise, choose a format, and then press the Load key. You will see:

Load supplies

Using Supplies 3-1

3. Press the latch buttons and open the supply cover.




4. Open thespring-loadedsupply holder.

Supply Holder

3-2Using Supplies

5. Place the supply roll in the supply holder so that the supply feeds from the bottom.

6. Load the supplies for the printing mode you want. See “Loading for Peel Mode” or “Loading forNon-PeelMode.”

Loading for Peel Mode

To load supplies for peel mode:

A. Peel and discard the first four inches of labels from the backing paper.

Using Supplies 3-3

B. Hold the printer upright and gently press down on the label deflector. (It may be stiff.)



C. Feed all four inches of the backing paperover the peel bar andunder the applicator roller and the label deflector.

Applicator Roller

Peel Bar

Label Deflector

3-4Using Supplies

D. Push the label deflector up until it snaps into place.

E. Partially close the cover to the first position.

F. Pull the backing paperover the guide roller, down to the pinch and feed rollers.

G. Hold the backing paper edge between the feed and pinch rollers, and press the trigger.

Guide Roller (behind supply)

Feed Roller (behind pinch Roller)

Pinch Roller

Using Supplies 3-5

H. Close the cover and press ESC to exit.

Loading for Non-PeelMode

To load supplies for non-peelmode:

A. Feed the supply under the applicator roller and over the label deflector.

Applicator Roller

Label Deflector

B. Close the cover.

C. Press ESC to exit.

R e m o v i n g S u p p l i e s

To remove supplies:

1. Peel mode only. Tear the backing paper just above the pinch roller.

2. Open the supply cover completely.

3. Spread the supply holder tabs apart with one hand and remove the supply roll.

4. Peel mode only. Carefully pull out the supply backing paper still in place between the pinch and feed rollers.

3-6Using Supplies





This chapter explains the printer’s features and how to use them.

U s i n g t h e K e y p a d

The printer keypad appears below.






Accepts data or a menu selection.




For future use.




Displays a special character when you press the key and then


enter a 3-digitnumber. The only character you cannot display


is the cent sign (¢). Your System Administrator will tell you


what number(s) to use.




For future use.




Begins the supply-loadingprocedure.



Basic Operations 4-1






Performs a specially-definedfunction when pressed with a






Moves the cursor one space to the left. Pressing Shift and


Bksp together deletes all data on the current line.




♦ Displays a letter shown on the face of a numeric key. See


“Entering Letters” for more information.


♦ Deletes all data on the current line when pressed with Bksp.




Moves to the previous menu, or exits the current module or






Moves between items in a menu or characters in a line.


Depending on the situation, the right arrow can act as a down


arrow. The left and up arrows can also be the same.




Turns the printer on and off.




Enters a space character.




Displays a numeric digit or upper-caseletter.





. (Decimal

Displays a decimal point or period character.





Entering Data

There are three data entry modes:

Normal mode Default. Also called Numeric mode. Press the key to access what appears on the face of the key (except letters on the numeric keys— see Shift mode).

Shift mode – Also called Alpha mode. Press Shift to enter letters with number keys or with Bksp to delete the current line.S appears on the status line).

Special Key mode – Press the Alt or Fct key (with a number) to display a special character or perform aspecially-definedfunction.A orF appears on the status line.

4-2Basic Operations

Entering Letters

To enter upper-caseletters, press one of the numeric keys in Shift mode (S appears on the status line). For example, the letters “ABC” appear on the face of the 7 key.

1. Press Shift to enter Shift mode.

2. To enter the letterA, press 7 once; to enterB, press 7 twice; to enterC, press 7 three times. If you press 7 four times, it loops around and displays A again.

NOTE: Press the keys fairly quickly. If you pause too long between key presses, the printer assumes you have completed, and the current letter is the one you want. Then, the cursor moves one space to the right.

U s i n g t h e D i s p l a y

The display has three lines: two data lines and one status line.

Reading the Status Line

The status line has the following indicators:

Indicator Description

FYou have pressed the Fct key, and the printer is in Special Key mode. This mode remains in effect through the next key press. To return to Normal mode without entering a function, press the Fct key again.

AYou have pressed the Alt key, and the printer is in Special Key mode. This mode remains in effect until you enter a 3-digitnumber. To return to Normal mode without entering a number, press the Alt key again.

CFor future use.

SYou have pressed the Shift key, and the printer is in Shift mode. This mode remains in effect until you press the Shift key again.

The printer is in Normal mode if no indicator is on the display.

Basic Operations 4-3

S c a n n i n g B a r C o d e s

Your printer may have a built-inscanner.

When you scan depends on the way your printer is configured. It will most likely prompt you on the display to press a certain key (probably the trigger). When you press it, you activate the scanner.

To scan a bar code:

1. Attach the safety strap to your wrist.

2. Point the scanner at a slight angle approximately 4 – 8 inches from the bar code symbol.

3. Press the trigger or other key specified by your System Administrator.

CAUTION: Do Not stare into the beam.

The laser scan LED lights green after a successful scan. It lights amber after an unsuccessful scan. This light is at the upper right of the keypad, to the left of the On/Off key.

4-4Basic Operations