Paradyne UIM-1000T User Manual

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Installation Instructions


Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Interface Module

CAUTION Net to Net Technologies strongly recommends the use of proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions when handling this equipment.


1.1Unpack and Inspect the Equipment

The following components should be included:

z1 UIM-1000T

z4 #6 Phillips Panhead Nylon Locking Screws

z2 #6 Phillips Beige Flathead Screws

If there is visible damage, do not attempt to install the UIM-1000T; contact Customer Support at 1- 877-638-2638 (001-603-427-0600 for international customers) or

1.2Install the UIM-1000T on a Multiplexer Uplink Module (MUM2000-2)

An uplink interface module (UIM) provides the upstream network connection, via a MUM, for Net to Net Technologies' IP DSLAMs; neither an IP DSLAM nor a MUM can function without a UIM.

NOTE The MUM2000-2 is currently Net to Net's only multiplexer uplink module capable of supporting the UIM-1000T.

zSelect a port on the MUM2000-2 for installation of the UIM-1000T: either port (1 or 2) may be used. Although not required for operational purposes, if redundancy is desired two UIMs may be installed on a MUM2000-2, one in each port.

zRemove the blanking plate from the selected port.

CAUTION Blanking plates should be stored for possible future use: if a UIM-1000T is removed from the MUM2000-2, it must be replaced with either another UIM or a blanking plate. DO NOT


zCarefully slide the faceplate of the UIM-1000T under the lip of the MUM2000-2 faceplate at the selected port opening such that the UIM-1000T circuit board is facedown and the label shows through the MUM2000-2 port opening with the UIM-1000T model name along the righthand edge.

220-0000078 rev 01

zEnsure that the mounting holes on the UIM-1000T are lined up with the corresponding pems on the MUM2000-2 circuit board and that the board-to-board connector key pins are properly aligned.

zGently press down on the back end of the UIM-1000T, over the board-to-board connector. You will feel a slight click as it becomes fully seated.

zSecure the UIM-1000T circuit board to the MUM2000-2 circuit board, at the pems, with the (4) provided panhead screws.

zSecure the UIM-1000T faceplate to the MUM2000-2 faceplate using the (2) provided beige flathead screws.

1.3Install the MUM2000-2 in an IP DSLAM Chassis.

The IPD12000 is a fourteen slot chassis; slots 1-12 are reserved for interface modules and slots 1314 are reserved for multiplexer uplink modules (MUMs). The IPD4000 is a five slot chassis; slots 1-4 are reserved for interface modules and slot 5 is reserved for a MUM.

zAlign the MUM2000-2 with the slot module guides of the chosen slot for installation (either slot 13 or 14 on the IPD12000 or slot 5 on the IPD4000).

zSlide the MUM2000-2 firmly into the chassis. DO NOT USE EXCESS FORCE.

zVerify that the PWR (Power) LED on the MUM2000-2 faceplate is illuminated.

zTighten the fastening screws on the MUM2000-2 faceplate.


The UIM-1000T Ethernet port is 1000Base-T, full duplex auto-negotiating. 1000Base-T indicates a 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) Ethernet connection over an unsheilded twisted pair (UTP) copper cable and complies with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) network standard 802.3ab. Full duplex indicates the ability of the Ethernet port to receive and transmit data simultaneously. The UIM-1000T can either be hard set to 1 Gbps and full duplex, or it can be configured to auto-negotiate 1 Gbps and full duplex (see Net to Net Technologies' NMS Management User Guide). Default is auto-negotiation.

NOTE The remote device to which you are connecting must be either hard set to 1 Gbps and full duplex or configured to auto-negotiate; if the remote device is configured to auto-negotiate, it must still have 1 Gbps and full duplex capabilities in order to link with the UIM-1000T.

Plug your Ethernet cable into the RJ45 Ethernet port on the UIM-1000T faceplate. The UIM-1000T connects with a straight-through Category 5 Enhanced (CAT5e) cable, usually to a switch or router on the remote end. Maximum distance is 328 feet (100 meters).

Verify the connection: solid illumination of the Lnk (link) LED on the UIM-1000T faceplate indicates a 1 Gbps Ethernet uplink connection has been established and solid illumination of the Dplx (duplex) LED indicates the connection is full duplex. The Lnk and Dplx LEDs will always illuminate in tandem, as the UIM1000T will only connect at 1 Gbps and full duplex.

220-0000078 rev 01

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