Paradigm CS-60R SM, CS-LCR User Manual

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What’s New in CS Series v.3?

Bezel free aesthetic

ABS clamps replace

delivers invisibility!

the original polymer

Great sound, but out

mounting brackets,

of sight which is exactly

cutting down on

the point of custom!

installation time and


simplifying installation

3Deeply recessed pocketed screw holes in the flange help hold the drill steady. making the installer’s job so much easier and faster.

4A slight slope in the baffle’s flange prevents unsightly gaps around the install for an even better aesthetic!

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High-strength magnets

No masking required

hold grilles securely

—this makes the

in place in the wall or

grilles faster and


easier to paint, if


painting is desired


CS Series’ high-quality driver components make an audible difference

Superior PTD™ Pure-Titanium Tweeter Domes. Ferro-fluid damped and cooled to ensure smooth high-frequency performance with amazing clarity across a wide listening area.

Superior Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Bass/Midrange Cones. Oversized computeroptimized ferrite magnets and high-power motor structures deliver detailed midrange performance with clean, extended bass. Even movie dialog is incredibly clean and clear.







Two unique alternatives for great sound in challenging situations







Want rich, pure fidelity sound from a single speaker? Choose the CS-60R-SM







• Two PTDPure-Titanium High-Frequency Domes offset at 30° angles







• Dual Voice-Coil Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Bass/Midrange Cone







Our CS-60R-SM (stereo/mono) speaker is a solo performer. It offers rich pure-fidelity dual-channel L/R sound







from a single speaker. Its Dual-Directional Soundfieldprovides wider-than-normal dispersion making it ideal







for use in small rooms less suited to a stereo pair (Fig.1), or where a single speaker is preferred. In larger spaces,







using multiple “SM” speakers eliminates the sound imbalances that occur with separate stereo speakers as





1people move around, or are seated closer to one speaker than the other (Fig. 2). Also ideal for use as surround







and/or rear speakers (Fig. 3).







Want sound flooding into a very specific area of a room? Choose the CS-60R-30







The CS-60R-30’s Guided Soundfieldsystem allows you to guide a wide arc of sound toward a very specific area







of the room, much the same way we guide a floodlight to fill an area with light. Drivers sit at a 30° angle from the







ceiling allowing you to adjust the direction of sound (Fig. 4), without compromising the crucial sound dispersion






pattern engineered between drivers, or the interaction between drivers and baffle. Sonic integrity is preserved.















































Two CS-60R-30’s (or four!) are also ideal as surround/rear speakers. Guiding the sound towards the sides and/or










2the rear of the room ensures an enveloping surround sound experience (Fig. 5).


















































Top view of rooms:

















































































































































Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Redesigned! Easy-access binding posts.

Our latest high-quality binding posts feature a larger wire access hole and connect via banana plug, pin or bare wire.

Paradigm CS-60R SM, CS-LCR User Manual

Same great sound. Faster, easier installation!

Our New High-Strength ABS Chassis and Clamp System addresses the flexibility problem that plagues all walls and ceilings. ABS stiffness combats unwanted resonances and vibrations and equally important, the new clamp design makes the installer’s job easier and faster! Simply push the speaker into the ceiling or wall and screw it in … YES! It really is that simple (see illustrations below).

A behind-the-ceiling look at how our new ABS clamps work!

Without any unnecessary pressure or force, each turn of the screwdriver turns the clamp. We show the starting point, we show the screwdriver

working to turn the clamp, and finally, we show the speaker locked into place inside the wall or ceiling. It doesn’t get simpler or easier!

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Shown: clamps working in an in-ceiling application. Clamps operate the same way in an in-wall application.

place into Locked

Did you know? Paradigm CS Series speakers are designed and engineered in Canada.

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