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1 Important Information

Basic Information



4Getting Started

5Saving Your Game


6World Map Screen

7Stage Screen

8Stage Progression

9Stage Puzzles

10Collecting Stickers


Support Information

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1 Important Information

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2 Introduction

In PAPER MARIO: STICKER STAR you control the hero, Mario, as he uses stickers to battle

enemies, solve puzzles, and make his way through an exciting adventure.

3 Controls

World Map Controls












sticker album





View sticker

(when the



album is open)

Turn pages

/ (when the

album is open)






Go back to



title screen


Field Controls







Peel a sticker

Hold (when


near a sticker)













When paperising:



Choose a scrap


Stick a scrap

or sticker


Move into


or sticker














Swing hammer





Talk to Kersti






Read a sign

(when in front


of a sign)




sticker album

Exit a cleared stage

Battle Controls





(when attacking



or defending)




Use the Battle








Turn pages





View sticker





Other Controls






Choose menu






Some actions, such as choosing a menu item or sorting stickers (p. 10), can be performed using the Touch Screen.

Some actions get unlocked as you progress through the game.

4 Getting Started

Start a new game by selecting NEW, or continue a game by choosing a saved game.

Copying Save Files

Select COPY to copy the file.


Select ERASE to delete save files one at a time.

Be careful, as deleted data cannot be recovered.

5 Saving Your Game

About Saving

The game saves automatically when exiting to the world map.


Hit a Save Block while in a stage or town to save ingame. To continue from the Save Block, select the town

or the stage where you last saved.

Do not turn the power off, reset the system or remove Game Cards/SD Cards while saving. Make sure not to get dirt in the terminals. These actions could result in permanent data loss.

Do not use external accessories or software to modify your save data, as this can lead to an inability to progress or loss of save data. Any modification is permanent, so be careful.

6 World Map Screen

Move Mario and choose a stage to play.

Mario's HP (Heart Points)

Current HP/Maximum HP.

Last save location

A red flag marks a world save, and a yellow flag marks an in-gamesave.

Name of selected stage


Colour varies depending on stage types and conditions.

Uncompleted stage (p. 8).

At least one comet piece remains.

Completed stage or a neutral area.

Coin count

7 Stage Screen


Signs can contain useful hints and info.


Grab these to use in battles, when paperising, etc.


Talk to Toads to get hints and help.


Collect these to buy stickers and use the Battle Spinner (p. 11). Different-sizedcoins are worth different amounts.

Worth one coin.

Worth five coins.

Worth ten coins.


Bump into an enemy to start a battle (p. 11).

Talk to Kersti

Press during the game to talk to Kersti and get hints.

Super Star

Get a Super Star to become temporarily invincible and knock out enemies without starting a battle.

8 Stage Progression

Completing Stages

You'll need to fulfil certain requirements to complete stages and worlds.


Get a comet piece to complete a stage.

Once you've collected them all, on subsequent visits, you can

press to return to the world map.

Defeating Bosses

Defeat the boss in the last stage of a world and get a Royal Sticker (p. 10) to complete the world.

Restoring HP

Get a to restore Mario's HP.

HP Plus

If you find this, your max

HP will go up by 5. Your current HP will be completely restored as

well. You can also get HP Plus hearts after completing events.

HP Block

Jump to hit an HP block in town or in a stage to restore all of Mario's HP.

Game Over

Mario's HP goes down if he gets hit by an object thrown by an enemy in a stage, attacked during battle, poisoned, and so on. If his HP reaches zero, the game will end and you will return to the title screen.

The game will also end if Mario sinks in flowing sand (p. 9) or falls outside of a stage.

9 Stage Puzzles


Press to turn the stage into a sheet of paper so that you can stick stickers and scraps

on it (p. 10). It will help you solve puzzles.

Example of Paperisation

Use the wooden bridge scrap to restore the bridge, allowing you to cross the river.


There are many traps in the world. Below are some examples.


If Mario touches a spike, he takes damage and gets knocked back.

Flowing Sand

Mario's body slowly sinks as he's pulled along. Keep jumping to cross.

Poisoned Water

Mario takes damage while he's in poisoned water. His HP also decreases during battle.

10 Collecting Stickers

Stickers can be used in battle and during paperisation.

Sticker Types





Stickers used in the



heat of battle.






"Things", like



scissors, are



scattered around


stages. Once in




sticker form, they're





used in battles and



for paperisation.





Defeat bosses to get



Royal Stickers.


These are needed to complete stages. Use while paperising.

Sticker Album

Check Mario's stickers, game progress, etc. Switch the display with the tabs below the album.

Sorting Stickers