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1 Important Information

Basic Information


3Getting Started

4Saving and Deleting Data

Dark Moon Quest

5Dark Moon Quest - Basic Play

6Dark Moon Quest Screen

7Basic Controls

8Using the Poltergust 5000

9Capturing Ghosts

10 Items

Thrill Tower

11Thrill Tower - Basic Play

12Thrill Tower Screen

13Local Play

15 Online Play

E. Gadd's Vault

16 About E. Gadd's Vault

Support Information

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1 Important Information

Thank you for selecting Luigi's

Mansion™ 2 for Nintendo 3DS™.

This software is designed only for use with the European/Australian version of the Nintendo 3DS system.

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♦ Unless stated otherwise, any references to "Nintendo 3DS" in this manual refer to both Nintendo 3DS and

Nintendo 3DS™ XL systems.

Health and Safety Information


Important information about your health and safety is available in the Health and Safety Information application on the HOME Menu.

To access this application, touch the icon on the HOME Menu, then touch OPEN and read the contents of each section carefully. When you have finished, pressto

return to the HOME Menu.

You should also thoroughly read the Operations Manual, especially the "Health and Safety Information" section, before using Nintendo 3DS software.

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2 Introduction

Luigi's Mansion 2 is an actionadventure game in which you explore different haunted mansions as Luigi. Armed with one of Professor E. Gadd's inventions, the "Poltergust 5000", you can vacuum up ghosts and solve puzzles. There is also a team play mode in which you can play with friends or with people all over the world.

3 Getting Started

Select a File

To play from the beginning, select a new file. To continue, select your save file.

In the Bunker

Select a game mode or E. Gadd's Vault with or and confirm with . Press if you want

to go back to the title screen.

Dark Moon Quest (p. 5-10)

Explore haunted mansions in search of Dark Moon pieces in singleplayer mode.

Thrill Tower (p. 11-15)

Ascend a ghost-infestedtower by yourself or together with up to three other players.

E. Gadd's Vault (p. 16)

View the ghosts you have captured, gems you have collected and various other things.

4 Saving and Deleting Data


This game saves data automatically at certain points. These points differ depending on the game mode.

Dark Moon Quest

The game is saved when you complete a mission.

Thrill Tower

The game is saved when you reach the end of play, such as when you complete a tower or when it's Game Over.

Do not turn the power off, reset the system or remove Game Cards/SD Cards while saving. Make sure not to get dirt in the terminals. These actions could result in permanent data loss.

Do not use external accessories or software to modify your save data, as this can lead to an inability to progress or loss of save data. Any modification is permanent, so be careful.

Deleting Save Data

Delete a File

Select a file and then select DELETE.

Delete All Files

To delete all files, press

+ + + simultaneously while starting the game from the HOME Menu.

Be careful because deleted data cannot be recovered.

5 Dark Moon Quest - Basic Play

Capture ghosts and solve puzzles while you explore haunted mansions and

complete mission objectives.


Mansion exploration is divided into several mission types. Fulfil the objectives

(p. 6) to complete a mission and a new one will be added.


You will be awarded one of the following three ranks for each completed mission. Going from the lowest to the highest:

. Your rank is based on the amount of treasure (p. 6) you collect, damage you receive and the time it takes you to complete the mission.

Game Over

If Luigi's health (p. 6) reaches 0 due to ghost attacks or other types of damage, it will be Game Over, unless Luigi has a golden bone. Select RESTART MISSION to retry the mission from the beginning or QUIT TO BUNKER to quit the mission and return to the bunker.

6 Dark Moon Quest Screen

Collected treasure

Luigi's health


Items to find

Shows the type and number of items needed to proceed with the mission.


Slide the stylus to move the map.

: Destinations

: Luigi's position

: Doors that can be opened

: Locked doors

: Doors that cannot be opened yet


Tap to view the map of the selected floor. Luigi's location

will be marked as


destinations as



Zoom in by tapping "+" and zoom out by tapping "-".


Tap to see the name of the mission you are on and its objectives. Tap the mission name to see a detailed description. If is shown, you can tap it to check the destination on the map. Completed objectives are

marked with a tick.





Mission name


Pause Menu

Press to pause the game and open the Pause Menu, where you can choose to restart the mission, return to the bunker or check the controls.

7 Basic Controls




Look up

Look down



is displayed)

Open doors, look through windows and holes, and perform other actions depending on the surroundings.

When Looking Through a Window or Hole

When you're peeking through a window or hole, look around by

tilting the Nintendo 3DS system or moving .

This software involves moving the Nintendo 3DS system around while you play.

Ensure that you have adequate space around you and that you hold the system firmly in both hands while playing. Failing to do so could result in injury and/or damage to surrounding objects.

8 Using the Poltergust 5000

You will need to use the Poltergust 5000 on your quest. Later on in the game, the Strobulb and the DarkLight Device will become available.

Vacuuming with the


Use the Poltergust 5000 to vacuum up ghosts, get items or stick objects to the nozzle.

Blowing with the Poltergust

Make the Poltergust 5000 blow out air or fire the items stuck to the nozzle.

Spirit Balls

Using the Strobulb

Flash the Strobulb to stun ghosts and to defeat small enemies. It can

also be used on green circular panels to unlock doors or turn on machines.

♦ Hold down to charge up the Strobulb and its area of effect will increase.

Using the Dark-Light


Hold down

Use the DarkLight Device to bring to life objects and entities that are trapped in special pictures, and

materialise transparent objects. You can only use it for so long before it overheats, so keep an eye on the gauge ( ). To materialise transparent objects, you need to vacuum up all the Spirit Balls first.

A-Pull meter

You can aim up or down while using the Poltergust 5000, Strobulb and Dark-LightDevice by pressing or or tilting the Nintendo 3DS system.

Vacuuming Things Up

The Poltergust 5000 can vacuum up some curtains, carpets and other objects. To pull objects, move when theA-Pull

meter is shown and press when it is full.

9 Capturing Ghosts

To capture a ghost, follow the steps below:

Flash the Strobulb at a ghost

When you flash the Strobulb at a ghost, it will become temporarily unable to move.

Vacuum it up with the Poltergust 5000

Vacuum up a ghost


with the Poltergust


5000 to reduce its


stamina. Ghosts will


be captured when


their stamina

reaches 0. Use


as if you were pulling a ghost towards you to fill up the A-Pullmeter ().


When the A-Pullmeter is full, press to pull the ghost with much more power.