Nintendo Land 45496903008 User Manual

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Important Information






Basic Controls

Getting Started

5Menu Screen

6Nintendo Land Plaza

7Saving and Deleting Data


Team Attractions

8The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

9Pikmin Adventure

10 Metroid Blast

Competitive Attractions

11Maroi Chase

12Luigi's Ghost Mansion

13Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

Solo Attractions

14Yoshi's Fruit Cart

15Octopus Dance

16Donkey Kong's Crash Course

17Takamaru's Ninja Castle

18Captain Falcon's Twister Race

19Balloon Trip Breeze

Compete with Friends

20 Attraction Tour


21Online Features

22Checking Your Record

23Parental Controls

Product Information

24Copyright Information

25Support Information


Important Information

Thank you for selecting NINTENDO LAND™ for Wii U™.

This software is designed only for use with the European/Australian version of the Wii U console. Please read this manual carefully before using this software. If the software is to be used by young children, the manual should be read and explained to them by an adult.

Before use, please also read the content of the Health and Safety Information application on the Wii U Menu. It contains important information

that will help you enjoy this software.

Language Selection

The in-gamelanguage depends on the one that is set on the console. This title supports eight different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

You can change the in-gamelanguage by changing the language setting of your console. You can change the console language in

System Settings.

Age Rating Information

For age rating information for this and other software, please consult the relevant website for the age rating system in your region.

PEGI (Europe): USK (Germany): COB (Australia): OFLC (New Zealand):


NINTENDO LAND is a theme park featuring 12 different attractions. You visit as your own Mii™ character and play a variety of attractions for between one and five players, taking on the role of Nintendo characters such as Mario.

3 Controllers

The following controllers can be used with this software when they are paired with the console.


Wii U


Wii Remote™











Wii Remote™


Wii Remote Plus






+ Nunchuk™



Unless stated otherwise, "Wii Remote" refers to both the Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus.

Where "Wii Remote Plus" is specified, you can use either a Wii Remote Plus or a Wii Remote with the Wii MotionPlus™ accessory attached.

Only one Wii U GamePad can be used with this software at a time.

To play most multiplayer modes, each player needs a separate controller.

In the Attraction Tour 20 , up to five people can play with just a Wii U GamePad and at least one Wii Remote.

A Sensor Bar is required when using the Wii Remote. For more information about Sensor Bar placement, read the Wii U Operations Manual.

Pairing Controllers

Open the HOME Menu and select CONTROLLER SETTINGS PAIR. Follow the on-screen

instructions to pair your controller.

4 Basic Controls

This section explains the basic controls used outside the attractions. To learn the controls for the park's attractions, refer to the corresponding page for each attraction.

Menu Controls


Wii U GamePad

Wii Remote










Nintendo Land Plaza Controls

● Wii U GamePad




Press (while next to object) / Touch object

Turn camera left/ right

Look around freely

Zoom camera

● Wii Remote


Move GamePad

Press and hold

Press (while pointing at object)

5 Menu Screen



1 Options

Adjust the camera and microphone on the Wii U GamePad, the sensor bar correction feature and other settings.

2 Nintendo Land Plaza


Playing an Attraction

Select an attraction and follow the on-screeninstructions to begin.

View Results

After the attraction, you'll see the results screen and receive Nintendo

Land Coins

6 .

Pause Menu

Press to display the pause menu, where you can restart the attraction or calibrate the

Wii U GamePad or any Wii Remote.


Nintendo Land Plaza

Take control of a Mii from



your Wii U console and


walk up to an attraction


gate to play that


attraction. You can use


Nintendo Land Coins


earned from attractions


to win prizes at the


Central Tower. These prizes will appear in the plaza for you to enjoy. Touch them to see how they react.

1 Central Tower

2 Zoom



Switch between camera views.

3 Nintendo Land Coins

4 Menu5

When you connect to the internet and use Miiverse™ 21 , the following icons will be added.

Make a post.

Hide or display posts.


Saving and Deleting Data


Your data is saved automatically when you play attractions. You'll see when saving is in progress.


To delete all existing data, open System Settings from the Wii U Menu and select DATA MANAGEMENT. Follow theon-screeninstructions.

About Mii Characters

To play with other Mii characters, you must have them set as favourites in Mii MAKER™. If you delete a Mii with NINTENDO LAND save data in Mii MAKER or remove it from your favourites, you can carry the save data over to another favourite Mii. Please follow the on-screenprompts carefully when doing so.

8 The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

Game Controls

● Archer: Wii U GamePad

Turn left/right Shoot arrows

Charge shot

Look around

Reset view

Refill arrows

Pull down and release.

Hold down to charge, then release to fire.

Move the GamePad to look around freely.

Adjust manually using


Point the GamePad




Follow the on-screen









● Swordsman (1-3players): Wii Remote Plus

Swing sword

Spin attack

Reset sword position

Raise shield

Change target

Swing the Wii Remote


Hold the Wii Remote Plus up to charge and then swing it horizontally or vertically.

Point the Wii Remote Plus towards the TV and press .

Battle Quest


The player with the GamePad controls the archer, and players using a Wii Remote Plus act as swordsmen. Work together to defeat monsters and recover the Triforce. If the team runs out of hearts, the game is over.




1 Hearts

Hearts are shared by all players. You lose one heart when you take damage and recover one when you pick up a .

2 Rupees

You receive rupees when you defeat enemies. The number of rupees you collect is a good indicator of how much you're contributing to the group.

3 Arrows

This shows the number of arrows you have left to shoot. Point the GamePad down to refill them. You can hold a maximum of 10 arrows.