NEC PX803UL-W-18, PX803UL-B-18 Product Sheet

NEC PX803UL-W-18, PX803UL-B-18 Product Sheet

Professional Installation Projector


Powerful installation projectors with laser-phosphor light source supports new, demanding projection applications.

Laser Light Module

•• 20,000-plus hours of virtually maintenance-free operation

•• High-brightness, lower power consumption enhances applications such as retail, digital signage and theme parks

•• Ability to control brightness creating a stable image over longer time periods

Integrated and Powerful

•• Project uncompressed FHD video with integrated HDBaseT

•• High performance video processing/scaling creates life-like images

•• Integrated software applications such as DisplayNote®, Crestron Roomview, AMX Beacon and PJ Link allow for complete interactivity and control

•• Tile Matrix enables 4Kx2K resolution


•• Enjoy greater installation flexibility with a complete line of optional bayonet style lenses (8) for quick and easy exchange. Lens throw distances range from 2.1 to 179.8 ft

•• Tilt-free installation capabilities make these projector ideal for almost any install environment, including portrait orientation

•• +/- 50% vertical lens shift and +/- 15% horizontal lens shift capabilities make alignment easy

Screen Splitter

NEC is committed to bringing the latest and greatest innovation to projectors. Multi-display capabilities and TileMatrix technologies are integrated into the new PX series projectors. This processing is all done internally and therefore eliminates the additional hardware typically required to produce a beautiful 4K resolution image.


Stacking correction


Edge blending





The industry’s first built-in stacking correction capabilities (up to four projectors) allows the projectors to boost an image’s brightness up to 32,000 lumens, which is ideal for larger-sized screens and environments with heavy ambient light. This feature also prevents the complete loss of an image, which can happen when using only one projector.

This function seamlessly blends multiple projected images to display a single high-resolution image.

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