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PMC-2X Specifications

FRS radio IN/OUT jack: Impedances 1k / 16 Ohms PTT input jack: NO PTT SW

AUX input jack: Stereo L+R inputs 10 / 10 Ohms Controls: High / Low Volume adjust

button, OFF / Intercom switch

Connectors: Passenger, Driver, Aux in, Ext. PTT, 2-way Radio (3.5mm TRS jacks); 5 VDC input, 3.5mm TS jack (TIP = NEG)

Audio Output to Headphone: 150mW / 16-32

Headphone Impedance: 16 or 32 Ohms

Mic Impedance: 600 Ohms – Unidirectional Electret Condenser

Housing Material: Cases and headset, both high impact ABS plastic

Size: 4.0" x 2.75" x .65” (102 x 70 x 17 mm) Weight: 3.1 oz. (79 grams)

Batteries: 3 AAA, 1.5V Batteries


Specifications subject to change without notice


Before you connect your intercom earphone and mic, it is important to make sure that the metal parts of the plug and jack are clean and dry, especially in cold weather. To prevent dirt or moisture from damaging your intercom, always wipe the metal part of the plugs with a clean, dry cloth before plugging in. We also suggest that you use a tuner cleaner spray (available at any electronics supply store) to spray the plugs and jacks once a month to keep the contacts clean.


(U.S.) Should your motorcycle communicator require service, please contact the Nady Service Department via telephone at (510) 652-2411 or e-mail to for a Return Authorization (R/A) Number and a service quote (if out of warranty). Make sure the R/A Number is clearly marked on the outside of the package and enclose a cashier’s check or money order (if not prepaid with a credit card). Ship the unit prepaid to: Nady Systems, Inc., Service Department, 6701 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, CA 94608. Include a brief description of the problems you are experiencing.

The warranty card enclosed with this system contains additional valuable warranty and service information. Keep it in a safe place for future possible reference. Do not attempt to service this unit yourself as it will void the warranty.

(International) For service, please contact the Nady distributor in your country through the dealer from whom you purchased this product.

Contact your dealer or Nady Systems for more information on our complete line of advanced products for your motorcycle communication needs.


6701 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, CA USA 94608 Tel: 510/652-2411 Fax: 510/652-5075



Personal Motorcycle Communicator




How to use the Nady PMC-2X Intercom with FRS Connection

1)Powering the PMC-2X: Place 3 fresh AAA, 1.5 volt batteries into Battery Compartment (1), noting correct polarity. Alkaline batteries are recommended for long duration performance. If you wish to operate this unit with external power, plug the optional DC-5V adapter into the external DC Jack

(2). Connect the other end of the adapter to your 12V DC motorcycle battery.

2)Connecting Your Headset: Insert both the driver and passenger headsets in the two Headset Jacks (3).

3)Intercom Only Operation: Flick INT/OFF switch (4) to "INT" position to turn on power. A power LED (5) lights to indicate the unit is in operation.

4)To Adjust Volume Control: Simply press the Volume Up (6) or Volume Down (7) buttons to achieve a comfortable listening level. You are now ready for full duplex, simultaneous two-way conversation.

5)External Music (Aux In) Operation:

AUX IN: To add an external music source (Portable Tape/CD player, AM/FM radio) to the PMC-2X, use an ordinary stereo mini-phone plug jumper cable (3.5mm TRS phone plugs both ends) and insert one end into the AUX IN jack (8). Connect the other end to your external sound source. For proper operation, please verify that the audio source has less then 200mW @ 8 ohms audio output power.



(10) (9)










Use the volume setting from the sound source to adjust the external audio to a comfortable listening level.

+ Stop here if you do not plan to connect the PMC-2X to an external FRS/GMRS or PMR 2-way radio or cell phone. Otherwise, proceed to section #6 for 2-way radio/ cell phone connection and operation.

6) PMC-2X/2-Way Radio/ Cellphone Connection and Operation:

In order to operate your unit with your own FRS/GMRS or PMR 2-way radio or cell phone, please note the following:

a.Your 2-way radio must have it’s own internal VOX (voice activated transmission) function and a jack for connecting an external headset. Radios without these features cannot be used with the PMC-2X.

b.Your cell phone must have an external headset jack and be compatible with the optional cables available for interconnection with your PMC-2X.

c.You must also purchase either the optional OCA-XC (for closed-face helmets) or the OCA-XO (for open-face helmets) cable assembly kit which will provide the cables, headsets, PTT, and cable adapters to enable operation with virtually all models of properly equipped 2-way radios and cell phones. If not available from your dealer, please see the Optional Accessories Ordering Form included.

Use with 2-Way Radio/Cellphones: To connect to the 2-way radio or cell phone to the PMC-2X, use the appropriate jumper cable (PMC-XC or XY-see Optional Accessories Ordering Form) and insert one end into the TO RADIO jack (9), and the other end into your 2-way radio or cell phone external headset jack. Use the volume setting on the 2-way radio or cell phone source to adjust the audio to a comfortable listening level.

Using External PTT Cable: To connect the external PTT (push-to-talk) button switch included with the optional OCA-XC/O kit to the PMC-2X, use the external PTT switch cable and insert the plug into the EXT PTT jack (10). The PTT button end can be easily mounted with the Velcro strap attached on your motorcycle’s handle bar for convenient control of your 2-way radio’s transmission function. (Your 2-way radio must have its VOX turned on to use this feature.) You cannot use this PTT function with cell phones and do not need to as they are duplex already (simultaneous 2-way conversation like the intercom).

Your PMC-2X is now ready for bike-to-bike communication with your riding partner(s) through your existing 2-way radio. Or even safe, convenient communication with anyone, while riding, through your cell phone.

Note: Your 2-way radio should be kept at least 1” to 5” away from the PMC-2X to prevent possible RFI interference and ensure optimal operation.