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Q-DUALSERIES - 4004489

Installation Instructions

1.Remove front panel assembly.

2.Remove splash shield.

3.Remove and replace the water trough with the new trough provided in this service kit.

4.If the machine is already equipped with trough protectors, use existing holes to attach. If not, continue with steps 5-10.

5.Position trough protectors over the rear edge of the trough, centering the guard between the arms of the sump (see Figure 1 and 2).

6.Mark the screw position on the back bulkhead for each trough protector.

7.Remove the trough protectors.

8.Drill one 5/32” [3.9mm] diameter hole through the back bulkhead for each protector on the marks made in step 6.

9.Reposition the trough protectors as in step 5.

10.Drive the #10 hex head screws through each bracket into the holes made in step 8.

11.Replace the splash shield.

12.Replace the front panel assembly.





















Drill 5/32”





















hole in back

Trough Protector
















bulkhead for





















#10 screw





























































































































































































































































































































































Figure 1

Figure 2

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