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Door Replacement Kit


Actuating Switch Spring Replacement

NOTE: Two springs are included in this kit for replacement of the spring in the ice delivery actuating switch. One spring is an extra in the event one is lost, dropped, etc.

1.Remove the upper front panel from the dispenser and the switch cover inside.

2.Remove the ice delivery actuating switch from its mounting bracket (the switch is located left of the ice chute door assembly).

3.Note the position of the compression spring between the steel actuating lever and switch.

4.Remove the old spring; install the new spring. Ensure the spring is seated over the boss on the switch and in the indentation on the switch lever (Illustration “A”).

5.Adjust the ice delivery actuating switch by bending the switch lever, as shown in Illustration “B”. This is a preliminary adjustment. The final adjustment will be made in step 4 of “Door Assembly Replacement Procedures”.

6.Reinstall the actuating switch.

Door Assembly Replacement Procedures

1.Remove the entire ice chute door assembly and spacer from the dispenser by removing the two nuts in the hinge.

2.Install the new door assembly using the existing nuts and star washers.

NOTE: Position the door before tightening the nuts so that the door will not interfere with the ice chute hardware, allowing the door to open and close freely.

3.Remove the rubber bumper on the stainless steel panel behind the ice delivery arm and discard.

4.Push in the bottom of the activating arm until the actuating switch “clicks”. The “click” should occur, when the activating arm is 1/8” to 1/4” away from the stainless steel dispenser panel behind the activating arm (Illustration “C”). If the switch does not click, rebend the actuating switch lever until the desired adjustment is achieved. This is required to minimize ice spillage.

5.Ensure the ice chute door moves freely, when the activating arm is depressed and released.

6.Reinstall the front panel.

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