Manitowoc Ice K00346 User Manual

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Installation Instructions

The K00346, dispenser baffle kit, must be used with the S-0300,S-450,S-0500,S-0600,S-0850,andS-1000ice machines, when the ice machine is used on any ice/beverage dispenser.

1.Remove both front panels.

2.Examine the ice machine to see if the machine has four screws on the lower front plastic panels (see drawing).

3.If there are screws, remove them from the countersunk holes on the front surface of the machine. Save the screws.

4.Install the deflector, using the four screws that were removed in step 3.

5.Four screws and two backing plates are in the kit.

6.If there are no screws on the ice machine (step 2), pierce the thin plastic countersunk holes, install the backing plates, and install the deflector, using the screws from the kit.

7.Replace the front panels.

Backing Plate to be Inserted into Side Pocket ofBulkhead


Backing Plate to be


Inserted into Side

New Ice Baffle

Pocket of Bulkhead



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