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Installation Instructions


7627383, 115V water pump or 7627473, 230V water pump 7620543, water flow clamp assembly

2500101, (2) electrical grommet

7625993, cycolac (NOTE: need to provide acetone) 4300523, water trough plug

5121531, mounting screws black plug

rubber boot barbed connector plastic hose clamp

WARNING! Disconnect all electrical power.


1.Shut ice machine off

2.Disconnect water supply from the machine.

3.Drain water from the sump trough.

4.Remove the ice machine top cover, front cover, and rear cover.

5.Remove the water lines from the water pump discharge and the sump drain on the bottom of the sump trough. Drain the water from these lines and the water pump.

6.Disconnect the water pump wires at old water pump. Remove the water pump from the ice machine, along with the water pump discharge line and the sump drain line.

7.Remove the distributor tube water line from the water sump stand pipe. Install the 4300523, water plug, in the water sump stand pipe.

8.Mix enough cycolac, 7625993 (you will have to provide acetone), to fill and seal the water trough sump drain

hole (see illustration B, Item B). Plug hole with black plug provided. Fill hole with cycolac and smooth over. Allow cycolac time to set up and cure.

9.Install the rubber boot and barbed connector on the water pump discharge port.

10.Locate and mark the water pump mounting holes on the right side wall of the ice machine in the position indicated in illustration A. Adjust the bracket, if necessary, to insure the pump is level. Also locate and mark the electrical feed hole on the rear wall of the ice machine.

11.Drill the water pump mounting holes with a #32 drill bit and drill the electrical feed hole with a 1” hole saw. Be careful to avoid the refrigeration lines while drilling.

12.Install 2500101, 3/4” electrical grommets. Set the water pump in place. Run the wires through the 3/4” electrical grommets. Mount the water pump to the right side wall with the (2) screws, 5121531, provided. Attach the distributor tube water line to the barbed connector on the water pump and the water distributor tube.

13.Attach power wires to the existing water pump wires and attach the ground wire to the old water pump base. (The ground wire is the textured wire. Verify with ohmmeter).

14.Install the 7620543, water flow clamp assembly. Plug the ice machine in. Put the ice machine in the water pump position. Adjust the float valve so the water just covers the floor of the water pump. Adjust the water flow so the water flows gently over the evaporator.

15.Install all covers on the ice machine. Run machine. Observe several harvests.

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