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Installation/Adjustment Instructions

1Remove ice sensor probe. Do not reuse. Sensor probe is not used, when low pressure control is installed.

2Cut flare nut off low pressure control. Using new copper tee, install low pressure cap tube into ice machine refrigeration system at the line going to the low side suction service valve.IMPORTANT: Follow instructions outlined in Service Bulletin, SB-73-93, to install pressure control without removing refrigerant from the ice machine.

3Connect new wire harness from control board terminals, 1C and 1D (B and J-models),and 20 and 21 (E and G- models), to low pressure control using brass screws.

4Using bracket supplied, mount the low pressure control in the “compressor compartment area” to the bulkhead wall, corner post, or other convenient location. Do not mount low pressure control in “evaporator area”.

5Set low pressure control for proper ice thickness:

A.Set differential at 10 psi. This will never change.

B.Start by setting the cutout (high event) at 36 psi.

C.Start the ice machine and check for proper 1/8” bridge thickness.

D.If ice is too thin, increase ice thickness by lowering cutout (high event) set point. Make adjustments in 2 psi increments.

E.If ice is too thick, decrease thickness by raising cutout (high event) set point. Make adjustments in 2 psi increments.

F.Do not change 10 psi differential setting.

G.All future ice thickness adjustments must now be made by adjusting the low pressure control cutout (high event) setting.

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