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7600163 - 22” Q-ModelIce Machines Mylar Strip

Installation Instructions

Install Mylar Strip between Evaporator and Bulkhead

Mylar will cover the joint where the bulkhead attaches to the base. It will extend from the left sidewall past the water inlet fitting.

1.Remove screws (right and left side) that secure the evaporator to the bulkhead.

2.Determine bin switch wire location and cut a slot in the top edge of the Mylar strip (adhesive edge = top).

3.Apply silicone sealant at the bin switch wire entrance and the left side corner (4” each direction) where the base and bulkhead meet.

4.Pull evaporator away from bulkhead. Place bottom of Mylar strip in sump trough and slip up behind evaporator (align slot cut in step 3 with bin switch wire). Mylar must extend above bottom evaporator mounting screw (approximately 2” above gasket/bulkhead joint).

5.Remove paper backing from Mylar. Apply tension to Mylar to eliminate wrinkles.

6.Align evaporator extrusion and bulkhead screw holes; puncture Mylar for the bottom screw holes and insert screws. Install all remaining evaporator screws.

7.Puncture Mylar and insert screws removed in step 2.

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