Listen Technologies LS-15-216 User Manual

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Wireless Distribution FM System

The Wireless Distribution FM System is a perfect option for events that don't have existing hard-wireinfrastructure available for audio distribution. Available in 216 MHz only.



1 LT-800Stationary FM Transmitter

1 LA-326LT-800/LR-100Rack Mounting Kit

1LR-100Stationary FM Receiver/Power Amplifier

2LA-107Ground Plane Remote Antenna

Specify Part




LA-113RG-850 OhmLow-Loss

Coaxial Cable

Recommended for coax runs greater than 100 ft. (30.5 m) at 72 MHz or 50 ft. (156 m) at 216 MHz. Minimum order of 20 ft.

(6.1 m). For use with FM products only.

LA-128RG-8BNC Connector

BNC connectgor for RG-8coaxial cable. Crimp style. OrderLA-114to have 2 of these connectors installed onRG-8cable(LA-113).

LA-114Installtion of BNC

Connector (2)

Service charge for Liesten to terminate your coaxial cable. Purchase coax cable and connectors separately.

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