Lindy FireWire 800 User Manual

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FireWire 800 3Ports PCI Host

1. Introduction

This FireWire800 3Ports PCI Host has IEEE P1394b / FireWire 800 2Ports and 1394a 1Port at PCI card to Transmit and Receive Data at 800/ 400/ 200/ 100 Mbits/s. It provides a 32bit 33 MHz and 64bit 33MHz PCI interface on the host side.

Apple Mac OS X v10.2.4 or newer support Built-in 800Mbps driver for this card. Mac OS 8.6 – Mac X v10.2.3 just support Built-in 400Mbps driver for this card.

1.1. Features

1.1.1. PCI Interface

=Compliant with PCI Specification, revision 2.2.

=Integrated PCI DMA engines.

=32 bit/33MHz and 64 bit/33MHz fully compliant PCI host interface.

1.1.2. IEEE 1394 ( FireWire 800 /400 /200 /100 )

oOn Board Power connector to have Extra power input from system power supply

o Supports data transfer rate up to 800 Mbps

o Fully supports Provisions of IEEE P1394b Revision 1.33+

oFully Supports Provisions of IEEE 1394a-2000 and 1394-1995 Standard

oOne External 1394a-2000 Fully Compliant Cable Port at S400, S200, S100 speed

o Two Bilingual (9-pin) Cable Ports at S800 or S400b speed o Supports Plug and Play

1.2. Package Contents

=FireWire800 PCI card

=Y-type Power Cable

=This Users Manual

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2. Installation

1.Power down the computer system.

2.Insert the PCI board into an available 32bit or 64bit PCI slot.

3.Connect Y-type Power cable to PCI board and System Power supply

4.Power up computer.

5.The applicable device driver will be installed automatically


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