Life Fitness 9100 Series User Manual

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Life Fitness Model 9100 Series Treadmill


Tools Required: Hex Key wrench set, combination wrench set.


Step 1

Turn the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position and disconnect the line-cord from the wall receptacle.

Step 2

Remove the 4 SCREWS securing the MOTOR SHROUD. Remove MOTOR SHROUD and set aside.

Step 3

Remove the tension from the STRIDING BELT by turning each ROLLER TENSION BOLT eight rotations in a counter clockwise direction.

Step 4

Remove the 4 SCREWS and WASHERS securing the DECK. Remove the DECK.

Step 5

Remove and clean the WAX NOZZLE. Set it aside to be re-installed later.

Step 6 ( Figure 1)

Shift STRIDING BELT to one side to gain access to the WAX NOZZLE BRACKET. Using the NOZZLE BRACE as a gauge, hold it flush against the bottom of the WAX NOZZLE BRACKET and position it against the angle of the BRACKET TAB. This will determine the amount of bend required to change the angle of the BRACKET TAB so that it matches the angle on the NOZZLE BRACE.

Step 7 (Figure 2)

Position a 9/16 box end wrench over the cylinder portion of the BRACKET TAB and gently bend to the determined amount from Step 6.

Step 8 ( Figure 1)

Insert NOZZLE BRACE to ensure that the WAX NOZZLE BRACKET is bent to the proper angle.(Repeat steps 6 and 7 as required.)

Step 9 ( Figure 1)

Center the NOZZLE BRACE against the BRACKET TAB and secure the NOZZLE BRACE to the WAX NOZZLE BRACKET with 2 TINNERMAN CLIPS. The TINNERMAN CLIPS should be flush with both the WAX NOZZLE BRACKET and NOZZLE BRACE.

Step 10

Re-install cleaned WAX NOZZLE.

Step 11

Install the deck and secure with mounting bolts.

Step 12

Center STRIDING BELT, then tension by turning each REAR ROLLER TENSION BOLT eight rotations in a clockwise direction.

Step 13

Re-install the MOTOR SHROUD and secure with 4 screws.

Step 14

Track or tension STRIDING BELT as necessary. Refer to “How To“ in a Service or Operation manual for proper procedure.




Brace Wax Nozzle


Figure 1

9/16 Box



Bracket Tab

Of Bend


Wax Nozzle


Figure 2