Lifebreath Console Air Cleaner User Manual

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Turbulent Flow Precipitator Air Cleaner!

For the first time you can assure your family and yourself that the air in your home is clean.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new AIRFLOW TFPC Console Air Cleaner. Included in the box are 4 wheels, a handle and screws to install the wheels and handle. You will need a 1/4nut driver and a Phillips screw driver.

The unit has a low/off/high switch located on the backside of the unit. As each home has differences of size, occupancy, location, infiltration rates and homeowner needs, it is hard to estimate when the collectors will need to be changed. Because of the way air moves through the TFPC, the collectors are divided into 3 separate sections. Collectors 1&2, then 3&4 and then 5&6. Collectors 1&2 will probably need to be replaced before the others, then 3&4 and so on. You may want to change 1&2 again before 3&4 or 5&6. Some discoloration of the collector medium can be expected and when loose dust falls from the collector, it is time to replace it. Turn the TFPC off, take off the cover, undoing the four latches, and slide out the collectors to check build up and do an annual inspection of the overall unit. Before replacing any collectors, vacuum any dust inside the cabinet or surrounding area. When replacing the collectors, make sure the pleats are oriented as shown below. Put the cover back on and restart the TFPC. When new collectors are required, call your AIRFLOW dealer.

Your new AIRFLOW TFPC Console Air Cleaner carries our 5 year warranty on all replacement parts except the collectors.



TFP-11-AK 1203