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Addendum: 97C, 95C Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike Base Operation Manual


Date: 12/09



The following information replaces Section 1.2, Set Up, Check for External Power, in the 97C, 95C, Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike Base Operation Manual.

Check for External Power

The Engage(15” LCD) Console that is serial coded “DLB” can receive both analog and digital signals. Life Fitness is not responsible for the installation of CATV service or components required for the delivery of CATV service. An external TV signal input via a75-ohmcoaxial cable must be present before TV setup can occur.

The Engage Console that is serial coded “DLB” for U.S. markets is powered by two external power supplies: a 36volt DC power supply and a12-voltDC power supply. “DLB” coded units have a Digital TV Tuner (NTSC/ATSC/QAM).Note: The Engage Console that is serial coded “ANN & ANP” will continue to use a single36-voltDC power supply. “ANN & ANP” coded units have an Analog TV Tuner (NTSC).

The 36-voltpower supply is optional for the Inspire(7” LCD) and Achieveconsoles. If a 17” Attachable TV is used with the Inspire or Achieve consoles, then a12-voltDC power supply is needed for the 17” Attachable TV.


Product Configuration



External Power Supply







Engage Console (“DLB”)

36 V and 12 V






Engage Console (“ANN” & “ANP”)




Inspire or Achieve Console


V (optional)*


Inspire or Achieve Consoles with 17” Attachable TV


V (optional)* and 12 V











Recommended Installation of External Power Supplies:

Piggyback both external power supplies using the included cable ties.

Remove the protective liner from one of the provided fastener strips.

Attach the fastener strips to the bottom of one of the power supplies.

Remove the remaining protective liner from fastener strip.

Secure the piggybacked power supplies to the underside of the center frame as shown.

Plug connectors to appropriate receptacles.

Plug Y-Cordinto an AC outlet.

For external powered units, the console should immediately beep and light up. The Engage console will show a message indicating it is initializing (for up to 2 minutes). Note: If any of the consoles do not light up, contact Life Fitness Customer Service at800-351-3737.

Note to the CATV Installer:

This reminder is provided to call the CATV system installer’s attention to Article 820-40of the NEC that provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the grounding system of the building as close to the point of cable entry as practical.

The following connection receptacles are located at the front of the Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike:

A.12-VPower for Attachable TV or Engage Console (“DLB”)

B.Broadcast Supply Input Coaxial Cable

C.36-VExternal Power

D.Fitness Networking

CAUTION: Connectors

should easily fit into the receptacles. Forcing a connection may lead to damage to the barrel connector and/or receptacle and may void product warranty.









12 V


To AC Outlet


36 V



To Fitness


To Broadcast

Supply Input

Coaxial Cable