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Disposal notes

Theappliancecontainsreusablematerialsandshould be disposed of properly - not simply with unsorted household refuse. Appliances which are no longer needed must be disposed of in a professional and appropriate way, in accordance with the current local

regulations and laws.

Whendisposingoftheappliance,ensurethattherefrigerantcircuit is not damaged to prevent uncontrolled escape of the refrigerant it contains (data on type plate) and oil.

Disable the appliance.

Pull out the mains plug.

Cut through the connection cable.


Danger of suffocation due to packing material and plastic film! Do not allow children to play with packaging material. Take the packaging material to an official collection point.

Range of appliance use

The appliance is suitable solely for cooling food in a domestic environment or similar. This includes, for example, use

-in staff kitchenettes, bed and breakfast establishments,


-in catering and similar services in the wholesale trade.

Use the appliance solely as is customary within a domestic environment. All other types of use are inadmissible. The appliance is not suitable for storing and cooling medicines, blood plasma, laboratory preparations or similar substances and products covered by the 2007/47/EC Medical Devices Directive. Any misuse of the appliance may result in damage to or spoilage of stored goods. Furthermore, the appliance is not suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Climate rating


perature at which the appliance may be operatedinordertoachievefullrefrigeration performance.

The climate rating is indicated on the type plate.

The position of the type plate is shown in

the section entitled Description of the appliance.

Climate rating

Room temperature


+10°C to +32°C


+16°C to +32°C


+16°C to +38°C


+16°C to +43°C


+10°C to +38°C


+10°C to +43°C

Do not operate the appliance outside the specified room temperature range.

Safety instructions and warnings

Topreventinjuryordamagetotheunit,theapplianceshouldbe unpacked and set up by two people.

In the event that the appliance is damaged on delivery, contact the supplier immediately before connecting to the mains.

Toguaranteesafeoperation,ensurethattheapplianceissetup and connected as described in these operating instructions.

Disconnecttheappliancefromthemainsifanyfaultoccurs.Pull out the plug, switch off or remove the fuse.

When disconnecting the appliance, pull on the plug, not on the cable.

Any repairs and work on the appliance should only be carried out by the customer service department, as unauthorised­ work could prove highly dangerous for the user. The same applies to changing the mains power cable.

Donotallownakedflamesorignitionsourcestoentertheappliance.Whentransportingandcleaningtheapplianceensurethat the refrigerant circuit is not damaged. In the event of damage, make sure that there are no ignition sources nearby and keep the room well ventilated.

Donotstandontheplinth,drawersordoorsorusethemtosupport anything else.

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been giveninitialsupervisionorinstructionconcerninguseoftheappliancebyapersonresponsiblefortheirsafety.Childrenshould besupervisedtoensurethattheydonotplaywiththeappliance.

Avoidprolongedskincontactwithcoldsurfacesorchilled/frozen food.Thiscouldcausepain,numbnessandfrostbite.Inthecase ofprolongedskincontact,protectivemeasuresshouldbetaken, e.g. gloves should be worn.

Do not eat ice cream, particulary ice lollies or ice cubes, immediately after takingthemfromthefreezercompartment as there is a risk of "burning" because of the very cold temperatures.

Do not consume food which has been stored for too long, as it could cause food poisoning.

The appliance is designed for cooling, freezing and storage of food, and for making ice and is intended for domestic use. If used for commercial purposes, the relevant legal regulations applicable to the trade concerned must be observed.

Donotstoreexplosivesorspraysusingcombustiblepropellants suchasbutane,propane,pentane,etc.intheappliance.Electrical componentsmightcauseleakinggastoignite.Youmayidentify such sprays by the printed contents or a flame symbol.

Do not use electrical appliances inside the appliance.

The appliance is designed for use in enclosed areas. Do not operate the appliance outdoors or in areas where it is exposed to splash water or damp conditions.

Special-purposelamps(incandescentlamps,LEDs,fluorescent tubes) inthe appliance serve to illuminate the appliance interior and are not suited for room illumination.


Description of the appliance

Operating and control elements

Theelectroniccontrolpanelhasthe"touchcapacitancetechnology".Anyfunctioncanbeactivatedbytouchingthecorresponding icon.

The exact contact point

is between the symbol and its label


1Operating and control elements

2Adjustable door racks

3Adjustable storage shelves

4Bottle racks

5Typeplate(behindthevegetabledrawerontheleft-handside) 6Vegetable drawers

7Water filter

8Upper freezer drawer

9Lower freezer drawer

blIceMaker (in the interior of the upper freezer drawer) bmVentilationgrille.Inthisarea,theexchangeofairfortherefrig-

eration unit takes place.

Never cover this grille or otherwise obstruct the air flow!

Temperature and control display

Water filter has to be changed

Refrigerator temperature display

Menu mode is activated (for setting additional functions)

Freezer temperature display




operating icons





operating icons

Refrigerator operating icons

Mute alarm (refrigerator and freezer)


Refrigerator ON/OFF Temperature setting buttons

Control icons

Power failure LED

Dust filter LED

The dust filter in the appliance plinth must be cleaned.

SuperCool LED

Child lock LED

Alarm LED

IceMaker ON LED

SuperFrost LED

Freezer operating icons

Temperature setting icons

Freezer ON/OFF

SuperFrost IceMaker ON/OFF


Water filter

Beforeswitchingontheappliance,installthewaterfilterprovided in the interior rear wall of the refrigerator compartment.

This ensures good ice cube quality and keeps the water circuit free of solids such as sand.

Water filterlocation

Replace the filter when the waterdrop symbol appears in the temperature display.


Thedropsymbolmustbecancelledafter thefilterhasbeenchanged.Fordetailed instructionsseesectionentitled"Setup mode".


To avoid the risk of bacteria growth, the water filter must be changed when the waterdrop symbol appears on the display!

It is not necessary to switch off the water supply when removing or installing the water filter.

Saving energy

-Always ensure good ventilation. Do not cover ventilation openings or grille.

-Always keep fan slits clear.

-Do not place appliance in areas of direct sunlight or next to a cooker, radiator or similar object.

-Theenergyconsumptiondependsontheinstallationconditions, e.g. the ambient temperature.

-Keep the time the appliance is open to a minimum.

-Store food logically.

-Ensurethatallfoodiswellpackedandcoveredforstorage.This will prevent frost from forming.

-First cool warm food to room temperature before storing it.

-Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator.



-Use the vacation function for longer vacation periods.

Accumulated dust increases the energy consumption:

- Once a year, dust the refrigeration unit together with the metal grille of the heat exchanger at the back of the appliance.

Installing the water filter

1. Removethecoverofthefilter


2. Insert the filter and turn it 90° clockwise.

Removing the water filter

3. Turn the filter 90° anticlockwise and remove.


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