La Crosse Technology DCF-77 User Manual

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What do I do if my display is blank?

Check the polarity on your battery to make sure it is installed according to the diagram in the battery compartment. Also make sure that you are using a quality alkaline battery. We advise against reloading batteries.

Why is my time incorrect or not displaying at all?

This alarm clock receives a signal from Frankfurt (DCF-77)to set the clock and the calendar to atomic time. Sometimes, due to adverse weather or atmospheric conditions you will not be able to receive a signal immediately. The best way to get a signal is to put your alarm clock in a window facing Frankfurt until you see the tower icon appear. If definitely you are not receiving the signal, wait one night : during the night time there are less atmospheric disturbances.

How do I manually set the time and date ?

In case the clock do not receive the DCF-77signal, it is possible to manually set time. Proceed as follows :

1.Press the MODE key until time will start flashing. Then use the ALM1/HOUR key to set time, and the ALM2/MIN key to set the minutes.

Once time is set, exit the manual setting mode by pressing the SNOOZE key.

How do I set the alarm?

Once the DCF-77time signal is received or the time has been manually set, proceed as follows to set the alarm :

1.Press and hold the ALM1/HOUR key until the alarm time will start flashing (right of the screen).

2.Set the hours and minutes of the desired alarm time by using the ALM1/HOUR (hours) or the ALM2/MIN (minutes) keys respectively.

3.Once the alarm time is set, press the SNOOZE key to confirm and exit .

The same procedure must be follow to set the second alarm time (use the ALM2/MIN key).

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Note : The (((1))) and (((2))) icons indicates that the correspondant alarm is ON. Press briefly the ALM1/HOUR or ALM2/MIN keys to activate/deactivate the alarms.

This alarm clock also has the function of memory for 3 alarms hours previously adjusted. To consult this 3 alarms hours, press briefly the MEMO key.

How can I change the display mode?

Press shortly the MODE key in order to have consecutively displayed:

-the indoor temperature

-the seconds

-the date : day/date/month (date is only displayed if the radio controlled signal reception was successful)

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