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This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and succeeding owners for products purchased for ordinary home use. It does not cover its use in a commercial situation. Should the appliance be sold by the original purchaser during the warranty period, the new owner will continue to be protected until the expiration date of the original purchaser's warranty period. Save your dated receipt or other evidence of the installation/occupancy date. Proof of original purchase date is needed to obtain service under warranty. The warranty applies even if the owner should move during the warranty period.

KÜPPERSBUSCH does not assume any responsibility for consequential or incidental damages. This warranty provides you with certain legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

What Is Covered

For one full year from the date of the original purchase, we will provide parts, service and labor in your home to repair or replace any part of the cook top that fails because of a defect in materials or workmanship. This service is provided free of charge. All warranty service will be provided by our authorized Customer Care professionals during normal business hours.

What Isn't Covered

1.Service by an unauthorized agency will not be reimbursed. Likewise, the warranty doesn't cover any damage or repairs due to service performed by an unauthorized agency, or by the use of unauthorized parts.

2.Service visits to teach you how to use the appliance.

3.Service visits to correct the installation. You are responsible for providing electrical wiring and other connecting facilities.

4.Reset circuit breakers or replace home fuses.

5.Damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, improper installation, abuse or installation not in accordance with local electrical codes, or improper storage of the appliance.

6.Repairs due to other than normal household use.

Disposing of the packaging and the old appliance

Be sure to dispose of the transport packaging properly. Disposal should not have a negative impact on the environment. Recycling the packaging saves raw materials and reduces the amount of waste.

Be sure to dispose of your old appliance properly, as well. Even if it can no longer be used, it still contains useful materials. Before discarding an old appliance, disconnect the power cord to prevent it from becoming a hazard.

For your information...

Carefully read the information in this manual before you use your appliance. You'll find important information about safety and how to use, maintain and service your appliance so that it enjoys a long service life.

If you experience any problems, first be sure to read the chapter titled “What to do if trouble occurs...”. Usually it's easy to solve minor problems yourself and avoid unnecessary service costs.

Please keep this manual in a safe place and pass it on to new owners for their information and safety.

The following symbols are used in this operating manual:

[The warning triangle will alert you about possible health risks or things that can cause potential damage to your appliance.

ΦYou'll find useful hints and information when you see this symbol.

For technical information and/or replacement parts, please contact the

Küppersbusch Customer Care line at


For the most efficient assistance, please have the Model and Serial numbers for the appliance available.


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


Safety instructions ...............................................................................


An overview of your honeycomb cooktop ...........................................


Before using the appliance for the first time .......................................


Using the cooking zones .......................................................................


Switching the honeycomb cooktop on


The cooking levels


Automatic boost function


Residual heat indicators


Dual-circuit cooking zones


The pan-on detection


The emergency switch


Minute minder and switch-off function


Childproof lock (sensor lock)


Time limit function (holiday function)


Other functions


Selecting pots and pans


Cleaning and care ...............................................................................


What to do if trouble occurs... ............................................................


After Sales Service ..............................................................................


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


Safety instructions

The cooktop must be built into a countertop opening! Do not use the appliance if it has not been installed!

Be sure the appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician.

The appliance may only be installed and connected to the power supply, maintained, and repaired by a qualified electrician in accordance with safety regulations. Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in this manual. Work performed incorrectly puts your safety at risk.

This appliance is for residential use only. Use for any other purpose is at the owner's risk and could be dangerous. The manufacturer can’t be held responsible for damage caused by improper use of this appliance.

Danger of burning! The cook top becomes hot during operation. CAUTION: Keep children away from this appliance.

CAUTION! Items of interest to children should not be stored in cabinets above a cooktop. A child can be seriously injured by climbing on a cooktop to reach them.

Do not leave children alone or unattended in the area where the appliance is in use. They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.

Don’t touch the cooking surface or areas near it. The cooking surface may be hot even though it’s dark in color. Areas near it may become hot enough to cause burns. During and after use, do not touch the surface, or let clothing or other flammable materials come in contact with it until it’s had time to cool.

Use the proper pan size. This appliance is equipped with different sized surface units. Use flat-bottomed cookware that is large enough to cover the surface unit heating element. The use of undersized cookware will leave a portion of the heating element exposed and direct contact could result in the ignition of clothing. Using a proper relationship between cookware and burners will also improve efficiency. Review “Selecting pots and pans“ on page 12.

Flammable materials should not be stored near surface units.

Don’t put combustible or flammable objects on the cooking top. They could be ignited if the burners are unintentionally turned on.

Do not use aluminium foil to line the surface unit drip bowls.

The glass ceramic surface is very durable and can easily withstand light to medium impacts and loads distributed over large areas. Be sure to avoid concentrated loads (i.e. spice bottles) from falling on the surface to avoid cracking or breaking of the cooking surface.

CAUTION! If the cooking surface becomes cracked or fractured, quit using the appliance immediately. Disconnect the power and call Customer Service. Cleaning solutions and spills may penetrate the broken cooktop and create a risk of electric shock.

Never flambé under the cooker hood. The fat in the filter can ignite!

The connecting cable must not come in contact with the hot cooking surface.

CAUTION: Overheated greases and oils may ignite themselves. Prepare meals with greases and oils very carefully and control the heat. Should fats or oils ignite, do not use water to extinguish them! Smother the fire or flame or use a dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher.

Don’t switch the cooking surface on unless you’re using it for cooking. Never use a cooking zone without a pot or pan set on it. Never use the appliance to heat a room!

Immediately switch off the cooking zone after using with the respective minus key and not just by pot recognition.

Never leave the cooking surface unattended at high heat settings. Boilover can cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite.

Wear proper apparel. Loose-fitting or hanging garments should not come in contact with the cooking surface. Dish cloths, potholders and aprons should not be stored near the surface units.

To reduce the risk of burns, ignition of flammable materials, and spillage due to unintentional contact with the untensil, the handle of an utensil should be positioned so that it is turned inward, and does not extend over adjacent surface units.

Use only dry potholders. Moist or damp potholders on hot surfaces may result in burns from steam. Do not let potholder touch a hot surface. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth.

CAUTION! Only certain types of glass, glass/ceramic, ceramic, earthenware, or other glazed utensils can be used on the range-top without breaking, due to the sudden change in temperature. Follow the manufacturer's instructions!

Do not place non-food items on the cooking surface when it's hot.

Be careful when working with attachments! The connecting cord must not come in contact with the hot cooking surface.

Do not put plastic on the cooking surface. Things that can melt (i.e. plastics, foils or sugar), must be kept away from the cooking surface. Be sure to immediately remove or lift off any melted item from the hot cooking surface. Use the supplied cleaning scraper in order to avoid damage to the cooking surface.

Clean and remove any burned-on materials. Don’t heat these materials repeatedly.

Lime deposits are harmful to the cooking surface.

If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot cooking area, be careful to avoid steam burn. Some cleaners can produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.

Please follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions carefully!


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA

An overview of your honeycomb cooktop

Cooking zones

Control honeycomb

The honeycomb cooktop is equipped with an easy-to-operate sensor control system which is operated via the control honeycomb.

The layout of the cooking zones is shown in the control honeycomb. The control honeycomb itself is not indicated.

The cooking zones can be activated by the touch of a fingertip on the control honeycomb.

The control honeycomb consists of the following touch controls and sensors:

A and B Touch controls for the minute minder with plus and minus sensors

CMinute minder with a control function

DTouch controls for the cooking zones with plus and minus sensors and, if required, additional sensors for dual-circuit cooking zones

EKey sensor for the childproof lock

FOff sensor

GStand-by sensor

Before using the appliance for the first time

Before using the appliance the first time, be sure to clean the cooking surface with a mixture of water and mild detergent on a clean cloth. Then wipe the surface dry with a non-fluffy cloth.

Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


Using the cooking zones

Please note the safety instructions!

Subsequent to initial connection and after a power failure “'%0” will appear briefly in the LED displays. Rotating, circling symbols will then be indicated. This means that various sensors have been checked automatically and that the touch sensitivity has also been newly set.

Touch the “off” sensor in order to confirm that there were no objects on the cooking zones or on the sensors. These symbols will be switched off immediately if there are no objects on the sensors. Otherwise remove any objects and disconnect the cooking zone briefly from the mains (fuse) once again.


There may not be any objects on the sensors or on the cooking zones while the sensor sensitivity is automatically being set.

Switching the honeycomb cooktop on

ΦBefore you start to use a cooking zone, put the cook top into the standby mode.

– Touch the stand-by sensor key for about 2 seconds. The touch controls of the cooking zones will light up and the appliance will be ready for operation (stand-by mode).

– Each cooking zone can now be operated individually.

Cooking zones on which a pan has been placed will indicate a small “u”.

The stand-by mode automatically switches itself off

if no cooking zone is activated within 20 seconds (after 10 seconds an acoustic buzzer will indicate that the appliance will switch off after another 10 seconds) or

if it remains unused for one minute after operation.

The cooking levels

There exist 9 cooking levels.

The cooking setting required can be activated by means of the plus or the minus sensor. It is shown in the display.

ΦIn order to be able to set a cooking level, a pan suitable for the pan-on


detection must have been placed on the cooking zone or the pan-on detection must be deactivated.


The “0” setting remains visible for approx. 2 seconds after switch-off.

Cooking level

Suitable for




heating up, keeping warm defrosting




steaming, soaking, cooking




frying, deep-fat frying




heating large quantities




Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA

If you touch the plus key, the cooking zone starts at setting 5, without an automatic boost.

If you touch the minus key, the cooking zone starts at setting 9.

In this case the automatic boost function is automatically activated too.

Switching off the cooking zone:

press the plus sensor and the minus sensor simultaneously.


Automatic boost function

All cooking zones have an automatic boost function. The booster cooking phase is activated at full power. The booster cooking time depends on the subsequent cooking level which has been selected after the activation. The cooking zone automatically changes to the selected subsequent cooking level as soon as the set booster cooking time has elapsed.

ΦIf the pan-on detection function is activated and the pan is removed from the cooking zone, the automatic boost function will be cut off. When a pan is replaced on the cooking zone the automatic boost function resumes operation again.

Selecting the required setting by means of the minus sensor will automatically activate the automatic boost function.

During automatic operation an “A” will flash in the display in alternation with the cooking level set.

If the automatic boost function is to be activated when the required setting is selected by means of the plus sensor, the plus sensor must be touched again once power level 9 has been reached.


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


Then set it at the required cooking level.

An “A” will flash in the display in alternation with the cooking level set.

Residual heat indicators

As long as the cooking zone is still hot an “H” will appear in the display when the cooking zone has been switched off.

Dual-circuit cooking zones

Dual-circuit cooking zones are indicated by means of a flashing cooking zone symbol under the plus/minus sensors.

Depending on the size of the pan on the cooking zone, the pan-on detection will activate either the inner cooking zone circuit alone or both circuits. The cooking zone symbol stops flashing when both circuits have been activated.

If the pan-on detection has been switched off, the smaller cooking zone will always heat up.

Switch on the outer circuit for large pans.

– Touch the cooking zone symbol under the plus/minus sensors.

The cooking zone symbol will stop flashing on activation.

Touching the cooking zone symbol again will deactivate the dual-circuit zone.


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA

The pan-on detection

All of the cooking zones have a pan-on detection and the dual-circuit zone also has a pan size detection.

ΦThe pan-on detection will recognize pans made of metal.

In order to be able to use glass or ceramic cookware the pan-on detection must be deactivated.

When a pan suitable for the pan-on detection is placed onto a cooking zone which is switched off, the display will indicate a “U”.

If no pan or a pan unsuitable for the pan-on detection function has been placed on the activated cooking zone, an underlined “U” appears in the display.

Then the cooking zone switches off automatically after 1 minute.

Switching off the pan-on detection

The pan-on detection must be switched off when glass cookware or any other cookware unsuitable for the pan-on detection is being used.

– Before setting the power level of the cooking zone, touch the plus and minus sensors simultaneously.

The display will show a dot. This dot remains visible next to the power level



If the dot blinks, it is an indication that the pan-on detection has developed a defect. The cooking zone can still be operated with the pan-on detection switched off. Select the circuit manually for dual-circuit cooking zones.

The automatic pan size detection for dual-circuit cooking zones

Dual-circuit cooking zones have a sensor which recognises the size of the pan being used.

Only the inner circuit will be switched on if a small pan is placed on the cooking zone. If the cooking zone is fully covered by a pan, both circuits will be switched on.

Please ensure that the outer circuit is always fully covered, even in the case of pans with a rounded base.

Moving the pan around during the cooking procedure may result in the outer cooking circuit being switched off if it is not fully covered.

The outer cooking zone circuit can also be switched on or off manually if the pan-on detection or the pan size detection is activated.

Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


The emergency switch

All of the cooking zones can be switched off quickly with the ON/OFF sensor.

Minute minder and switch-off function

The minute minder operates as a switch-off and as a reminder for a maximum of 99 minutes. The time is set in minutes.

The minute minder also operates if the control honeycomb has been switched off.

Adjusting the minute minder

– Touch the plus sensor lightly to switch on the minute minder.

The display will show “0”.

Set the required time by touching the plus sensor again, if necessary for longer. The time set can be reduced again by touching the minus sensor.

When the time set has elapsed, “0” will flash in the display and an acoustic signal will sound. If you wish to stop the acoustic signal, press one of the clock sensors.

Should you wish to switch the minute minder off before the time has elapsed, touch the plus and minus sensors of the clock simultaneously.

Setting the switch-off function for a cooking zone

The switch-off function can be used to switch a cooking zone off after a required period of time. The switch-off is a function of the minute minder and can only be activated if a cooking zone has also been activated.

– Set a power level for the cooking zone selected.

– Set the minute minder to the time required.

– Now touch the clock sensor and the plus sensor of the selected cooking zone simultaneously.

The bordering around the cooking zone and an LED display in the clock sensor will flash simultaneously.

In order to deactivate the switch-off function, touch the plus and minus sensor of the minute minder or switch off the cooking zone.


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA

Childproof lock (sensor lock)


after max. 2 sec.

The childproof lock can be used to protect the appliance against unauthorized use. The cooktop must be switched on.

Activating the childproof lock:

– Touch the key sensor for approx. 2 seconds.

The childproof lock may also be activated while the appliance is in operation. In this case, however, the settings of the cooking zone can only be turned down or switched off.

An activated childproof lock will be indicated by means of flashing plus and minus sensors of one of the operating fields not required for your honeycomb layout and the flashing control lamp of the locking sensor.

Please note:

The touch control not in use which is used to indicate the childproof lock depends on the layout of your honeycomb cooking zones and varies from model to model.


Switching the cooktop off does not cancel the childproof lock!

Cancelling the childproof lock:

Touch the flashing plus and minus sensors simultaneously until an acoustic signal sounds.

Then touch the key sensor within a period of 2 seconds.


The childproof lock will no longer be activated after a power failure.

Time limit function (holiday function)

The appliance has an automatic time limit function. It prevents the appliance from being in operation for a longer period of time.

The timer of the time limit function depends on the setting of the cooking level:

The higher the setting of the cooking level the faster it switches off.

Cooking level

Appliance switches off after








































10 hours




Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


Other functions

If two or more sensor keys are pressed at the same time – e.g. when a pan is mistakenly put onto a sensor key – no function is activated. An audible signal sounds after 10 seconds. The appliance switches off automatically after 20 seconds.


Cancelling the childproof lock.

Switching off the cooking zones.

Switching off / activating the minute minder of a cooking zone.

If you continue to press a sensor key after having set the highest cooking setting, an audible signal sounds after 10 seconds. After 20 seconds the appliance switches off automatically.

The appliance does not automatically switch on again after a power failure. A childproof lock which was activated prior to a power failure it will be deactivated.

The cooktop is switched off if the electronics become overheated. All 4 LED displays flash and a cyclical signal sounds.

Selecting pots and pans

CAUTION! Only certain types of glass, glass/ceramic, ceramic, earthenware, or other glazed cookware are suitable for range-top service without breaking due to the sudden change in temperature. Follow the manufacturer's instructions!

ΦOnly pots and pans made of metal can be used with the pan recognition function. To use other kinds of utensils, please deactivate the pan recognition function.

You can save time and power by using ideal pots and pans.

• Use pots and pans with flat, smooth bottoms.

Uneven bottom surfaces can increase energy usage and the amount of time needed to start the cooking process.

Pans with rough bottom surfaces will scratch the glass-ceramic cooking area when they are moved around.

• Use a pan with a diameter at least as large as the cooking area.

Using undersized cookware will expose a portion of the heating element to direct contact and may result in ignition of clothing.

• Whenever possible, always place a lid on the pan.

It will help you save a lot of energy. Liquids and foods will only boil over if the temperature is set too high. The cooking zones enable you to set the required temperature precisely. With a little practice, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect cooking settings so nothing will boil over--even when a lid is on.


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA

Cleaning and care

Sugar and food containing sugar (i.e. marmalade) and melted plastic must immediately be removed from the hot cooking surface with the cleaning scraper. If not, the cooking surface can be ruined while it's cooling down.

Steam and/or pressure cleaning machines can’t be used to clean the appliance! This can damage the unit, and result in the risk of personal injury. Risk of burning! Make sure the appliance has cooled down before cleaning. If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot surface, you could be burned by the resulting steam. Be aware that some cleaners can produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.

Please note the instructions regarding cleansers.

ΦClean the cooking surface after every use. Food residue that hasn’t been removed will burn into the surface the next time it’s turned on and then these incrustations may be permanent.

ΦCleanser residues can cause discoloration the next time you turn on the cook top. Cloths and sponges that have been used to clean other surfaces can cause discoloring, too.

ΦVSR O-FIX-C is the perfect cleanser for glass ceramic. You can get it from KÜPPERSBUSCH Customer Service.

Do not use any

aggressive or bleaching cleaning agents that contain active oxygen, chlorine or corrosive components.

abrasive or aggressive cleaning or scouring agents like steel wool, soapfilled steel wool, metal or plastic sponges or similar agents with an abrasive surface.

Please note the information for the cleaning scraper

CAUTION! Risk of cutting! The blade of the cleaning scraper is very sharp! Always keep the cleaning scraper flat on the surface and push the caking away.

Do not scratch the surface with the edge of the scraper and don’t damage the sealing with the edge.

Cleaning the cooking surface

Use the cleaning scraper to remove all food residue and fat splashes from the hot cooking surface.

When the cooking surface has cooled, clean it with water and a small amount of detergent, with a cleanser for glass ceramic surfaces or with VSR O-FIX-C. A soft brush or a soft sponge can also be used.

Wipe off the surface with clear water.

Dry it thoroughly.

Remove caking

Heavy food residue should be soaked first. Use a wet cloth for best results.

It will be easier to remove the food residue.

Care of the cooking surface

Clean the glass ceramic surfaces with a cleanser to protect it from discoloring, and reduce the danger of damage from sugar. It can also remove stains and discoloration.

Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA


What to do if trouble occurs...

Never unscrew the appliance! Only a qualified technician should perform repairs!!

However, there are some problems that you can handle yourself. First, check and see if there have been any operating errors. Remember – repairs during the warranty period are not free of charge if they are caused by operating errors or non-observance of the following instructions:


Possible cause





Circling symbol lines in LED displays.

No fault;

If there were no objects on the sensors


normal display after power cuts.

confirm by means of the “off”sensor.




Horizontal lines in the displays running from top

Faulty electronic component.

Disconnect the fuse,

to bottom.


call Customer service.




Not possible to switch off the cooktop.

Faulty electronic component.

Disconnect the fuse,



call Customer service.




LED display for cooking settings and heat display

LED display defective.

Call Customer service.

does not come on or only partially.


Risk of burning, as the temperature



warning is not guaranteed.




Cooking zone does not heat up.

Household fuse defective.

Check and replace fuse, if necessary.





Child-proof lock not unlocked.

Unlock child-proof lock.





Cooking zone defective.

Call Customer service.





Inner circuit of a dual-circuit cooking

Under no circumstances continue to


zone defective.

use the outer circuit which is still






Immediately call Customer service.





The plug is not inserted in the power

Put the plug in again.


component or in the control








Individual sensors or all of the sensors no longer

Power failure or fault in the

Brief disconnection of the cooktop

react to touch.

electronics system.

from the power source (by means of



the fuse).




Pan-on detection reacts to the wrong cooking

No start or faulty start.

Start-up once again. See “Installation

zone / the wrong cooking zone heats up / dual-



circuit zones incorrectly allocated






If this dot blinks, it is an indication that the pan-on detection has developed a defect. The cooking zone can still be operated with the pan-on detection switched off.

Should you need to contact Customer service or order spare parts, always quote the information printed on the model identification plate. It is located underneath the control honeycomb. You will also find it stuck onto the front page of the operating instructions enclosed.


Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA

After Sales Service

In the event of a problem that you can’t easily fix yourself, or for spare part service, please contact the Küppersbusch Customer Care line at


ΦAlways have the information from the identification panel handy when calling Customer Service.

The panel is located on the underside of the cook top and on the cover page of this manual.


Production number









Users Guide - EKWE/EKWH - USA



4920 West Cypress Street,

Tampa, Florida 33607

Telephone: 813-288-8890 Fax: 813-288-8604

Customer Care line: 1 - 800 - 459 - 0844