Kuppersbusch USA EKI326UL User Manual


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Cooking Hob

IMPORTANT : Save this manual for the local electrical inspector’s use.

INSTALLER: Please leave this manual with the unit for the owner.

OWNER: Please keep this manual for future reference.

IMPORTANT: Local codes vary. Installation, electrical connections and grounding must comply with all applicable codes.



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1 - Proper Installation - Be sure your appliance is properly grounded and installed by a qualified technician.

2 - Never Use your Appliance for Warming or Heating the Room.

3 - Do Not Leave Children Alone - Children should not be left alone or unattended in an area where appliance is in use. They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.

4 - Wear Proper Apparel - Loose-fitting or hanging garments should never be worn while using the appliance.

5 - User Servicing - Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in the manual. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician.

6 - Storage in or on Appliance - Flammable materials should not be stored near surface units.

7 - Do Not Use Water on Grease Fires - Smother fire or flame or use dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher.

8 - Use Only Dry Potholders - Moist or damp potholders on hot surfaces may result in burns from steam. Do not let potholder touch hot heating elements. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth.

9 - Use Proper Pan Size - This appliance is equipped with several, differently sized, induction elements. Select utensils having flat bottoms, large enough to cover the surface unit heating element. Proper size pots and pans will also improve efficiency.

10 - DO NOT TOUCH SURFACE UNITS OR AREAS NEAR UNITS - Surface units may be hot even though they are dark in color. Areas near surface units may become hot enough to cause burns. During and after use, do not touch, or let clothing or other flammable materials contact surface units or areas near units until they have had sufficient time to cool.

11.Do Not Heat Unopened Food Containers - Build-up of pressure may cause container to burst and result in injury.

12.Never Leave Surface Units Unattended at High Heat Settings - Boil-over causes smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite.

13.Do not use aluminum foil, aluminum liners or aluminum containers on the



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14.Utensil Handles Should Be Turned inward and Not Extend Over Adjacent Surface Units - To reduce the risk of burns, and spillage due to unintentional contact with the utensil, the handle of a utensil should be positioned so that it is turned inward, and does not extend over adjacent surface units.

15.Do not Cook on Broken Cooktop - If cooktop should break, cleaning solutions and spillovers may penetrate the broken cooktop and create a risk of electric shock. Contact a qualified technician immediately.

16.Clean Cook-Top With Caution - If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot cooking area, be careful to avoid steam burn. Some cleaners can produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.


Do not store items of interest to children in cabinets above or around the cooktop - children climbing on the cooktop to reach items, could be seriously injured.


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Table of Contents


Before Installation




Other Installation Requirements


Electrical Connection


Safety Precautions


Principle of Induction


Glass Top, Coil Size and Controls


Controls and Operation


Heating Zones, Coil Sizes & Utensils


Power Sharing


Utensils for Your Induction Unit


Matching Pots & Pans with Coils etc.


To Do or Not to Do


Cleaning Recommendations




Your safety and ease of use are important to us.

In this manual we have provided a number of safety warnings and as well as numerous tips and hints for using the unit. Warnings and tips are marked with the following symbols:

Safety warning symbol

Tips and hints


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Before Installation

If you are receiving the unit from a transportation company, it is customer’s obligation to inspect thepackage and note any damage on the delivery receipt. After delivery, have your induction cooktop carefully unpacked, and again check forany visible damage. If you find any damage onthe unit at this point, immediately inform your dealer or distributor. Although the responsibility for shipping lies with the carrier, your dealer/ distributor will assist you with your claim.

If the unit is not supposed to be installed for some time, you should keep it in its original packaging, stored in a dry and safe place.

Read through the section of this manual which pertains to installation, and make sure that all of the requirements can be provided or are already provided. Ensure that your electric power supply is correct.

Before you install the unit, you should take a moment to write down the information from your nameplate and fill-out the table on page 19, for future after-sale servicing needs. This information will be required every time you call for any service on your unit.


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