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360° Line Laser KH 3006

Operating Manual

KH 3006




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360° Line Laser KH 3006

Read the operating instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time and preserve this booklet for later reference. Also, give these operating instructions to whoever might acquire the appliance at a future time.

Safety instructions

Risk of personal injury!

Keep and store the appliance out of the reach of children.

This laser appliance contains a Class 2 Laser. NEVER direct the laser beam at people or animals. NEVER look directly into the laser.

The laser beam can cause serious eye damage.

Do NOT direct the laser beam at strongly reflective material. Reflected laser beams are also dangerous.

In the event of the batteries leaking acids, wear protective gloves. There is a risk of receiving chemical burns!

Beware of appliance damage!

NEVER subject the appliance to rain. Do not use the appliance in wet or moist environments.

Do not use the appliance at locations where there is a danger of fire or explosion, e.g. in the vicinity of inflammable liquids or gases.

All adjustments intended to increase the laser power are forbidden.

To avoid damage to the appliance, arrange for repairs to be carried out only by our Customer Services Department or qualified specialists.

Regularly check the condition of the batteries. Leaking batteries can cause damage to the laser appliance.

If you do not intend to use the laser appliance for an extended period, remove the batteries.

Always change all batteries at the same time and always use batteries of the same type.

Clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth.

No liabilty will be accepted for damage resulting from manipulation to the laser equipment as well as from disregarding these safety instructions.

Intended use

The appliance is intended for use in making alignments and determining angles in domestic construction work.

The appliance is intended for domestic purposes only, not for commercial purposes.

Items supplied

Laser appliance with rotating plate

2 Batteries 1.5 V, Type AAA/LR03

Operating instructions

Warranty card

Technical Data

Power supply:

2 Batteries 1.5 V, Type AAA/LR03 Measurement accuracy:

± 6,35 mm over 5 meters Laser class 2

(5 mW, λ= 650 nm)

- 1 -


Appliance description

q Laser appliancew ON/OFF button

e Spirit level for horizontal linesr Spirit level for vertical lines

t Laser lens

y Rotating plate with degree scaleu Marking arrow

i Fastening pins

o Fixing points on the laser appliancea Fixing points on the rotating plate

sBattery compartment (on the rear side)

Inserting the batteries

1.Open the battery compartment s.

2.Insert two batteries of Type AAA/LR03 into the battery compartment s. Comply with the polarity markings in the battery compartments.

3.Close the battery compartment s.


Switching On and Off

1.To switch the laser appliance q on, press the ON/OFFw button.

2.To switch the laser appliance q off, press the ON/OFFw button once again.

Utilisation on a wall

1.Remove the laser appliance q from the rotating plate. The laser appliance clings to the rotating platey magnetically.

2.Place the rotating plate y at the position on the wall from where you wish to draw the alignment line.

3.Secure the rotating plate y to the wall in that you take both fastening pinsi from the sides of the appliance and you press them through the fixing points on

the rotating plate a and into the wall (See Fig. ).


The fastening pins i can be inserted into most upper surfaces, such as wood, plaster or mortar. Alternatively, especially with other upper surfaces, you could also use adhesive tape for securing the rotating platey.

You can also secure the laser appliance q without the rotating plate, in that the fastening pinsi are inserted through fixing points on the laser applianceo itself.

4.Place the laser appliance q onto the rotating platey.

5.Turn the laser appliance q with the marking arrowu into the desired direction.

6.Switch the laser appliance q on, by

pressing the ON/OFF button w.

The laser beam appears on the wall in the direction of the marking arrow u.


To mark a plumb-line,turn the laser applianceq on the rotating platey with the marking arrowu pointing in the direction in which the laser marking is to be indicated, then finely adjust it vertically with the spirit levelr.


- 2 -

Horizontal line

To mark a horizontal line, turn the laser appliance q on the rotating platey with the marking arrowu pointing in the direction in which the laser marking is to be indicated, then finely adjust it horizontally with the spirit levele.


The air-bubblesin the spirit levelse+r must be positioned between the two markings.

1.To mark an angle, shift the zero marking of the degree scale to the marking arrow u on the laser applianceq (Fig. ).

2.Turn the laser appliance q from the start position (Fig. ) with the marking arrowu to the desired angle (e.g. 45°, Fig. ).

Utilisation on the floor/on the ceiling

1.Should you use the laser appliance q on the floor or on the ceiling, secure it as described above if need be.

2.Turn the laser appliance q with the marking arrowu in the desired direction.

Cleaning and Care


Under no circumstances should the laser appliance q be submersed in water or other fluids. The appliance could be irreparably damaged.

Do not use aggressive detergents or solvents. They could cause damage to the appliance.

Clean all components of the appliance with a soft cloth.

Clean the laser optic r with a soft brush.


Keep the fastening pins i in the recesses provided on the sides of the appliance.

you are not going to use the appliance for a long period, remove the batteries from the battery compartment s and store them seperately.


Do not dispose of the appliance in your normal domestic waste.

Dispose of the appliance through an approved disposal centre or at your community waste facility.

Observe the currently applicable regulations. In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal centre.

Disposal of batteries!

Do not dispose of batteries with household waste. All consumers are legally obliged to dispose of batteries at a collection site in their community/city district or at a retail store.

This obligation is intended to ensure that batteries are disposed of in an environmentally safe fashion. Only dispose of batteries when they are fully discharged.

Dispose of the packaging materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

Warranty and Service

The warranty conditions and the service address can be found on the supplied warranty card.

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