Kettler 8852-600, 8852-700 User Manual

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Assembly Instructions

Kiddi-o® Racer & Layana

Model # 8852-600 & 700

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Tools Needed

Adjustable Wrench – x2

Flathead Screwdriver – x1

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USA Assembly Instructions

Read these instructions carefully before assembling the product or using it for the first time. They contain important information for your safety and for the correct use and maintenance of this product. Keep the instructions in a safe place for information or for ordering spare parts.

WARNING –*TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY* Adult supervision required. Never use near steps, slopes, driveways, hills, roadways, alleys, or swimming pool areas. Always wear shoes. Never use near motor vehicles. Never allow more than one rider. The use of protective gear and safety helmet is highly recommended. Riders should always wear a properly fitted helmet that complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standard 16 CFR 1203. Adult assembly required.

Caution! Adult Assembly Required. This package contains small parts. Keep away from children until assembled.

This product has been designed in accordance with the latest standards of safety and subjected to constant quality monitoring. The data gained from this quality process is then incorporated in the development of our products. For this reason, we reserve the right to make changes in design and technology in order to offer our customers products of the highest standard of quality at all times.

For your safety

This tricycle should be used for its intended purpose only, i.e. one (1) child only. It should not be used in any other way, as this may be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage or injury caused by incorrect use.

This product is a toy and is not suitable for use in traffic or on public roads.

Always keep a watchful eye on your child in order to avoid risks by thoughtless and hasty move ments.

Please care for the fact that the tricycle is only used on safe ground.

This product is suitable for children between 1 5 years and less than 100 lbs. Maximum load for bucket is 3lbs and maximum load for pushbar is 25lbs. Excessive weight may cause a hazardous or unstable condition.

The tricycle is an unlighted play implement. Its use in the dark is dangerous.

This tricycle is designed only for private use (no commercial or public use).

In case of a sudden and/or strong turn of the handlebar the tricycle could be caused to tip. Danger of injuries!

The tricycle must not be connected with other vehicles, sports or similar devices and not be driven/pulled by them. Never subject your child on the tricycle to speeds exceeding walking pace!

Damaged components may endanger the safety of your child or shorten the lifespan of the pro duct. Inspect it at regular intervals to ensure that none of the components are damaged and that none of the bolts or other joints have worked loose.

Replace worn or damaged parts immediately and ensure that the product is not used again until

USA Assembly Instructions

this has been done. If any parts require replacement, use only original spares manufactured by KETTLER®.

Use of the Toy

Ensure that the tricycle is not used until it has been properly assembled and checked by an adult person.

In case of tricycles without a free wheel consider the fact that the pedals will rotate even when the tricycle is pushed.

Do not transport any objects on the tricycle.

Always adjust the use of the tricycle to the conditions encountered.

Tricycles do not possess a continuously effective brake system. Therefore, safeguard the tricycle against rolling away when parking it. Never park the tricycle unattended with a child on it!

Never draw the tricycle behind you as long as a child is seated on it.

Instruct your child how to use the tricycle correctly and draw attention to possible sources of danger.

Although dangerous situations are unlikely to occur if the tricycle is used correctly, children at play should, if possible, be supervised.

Please bear in mind that there is always a danger of children injuring themselves while using swings, climbing frames, toy vehicles or similar equipment.

When children are at play, situations may arise which cannot be predicted by the manufacturer and for which he cannot be held responsible.

Before use, always check all screws and plug in connections as well as respective safety devices fit correctly.

Never use corrosive or abrasive substances to clean the tricycle. Never use substances which may cause pollution of the environment.

For models with push bars: Always ensure that the push bar fits correctly in the adaptor, and locks. Do not hang any weights on the bar! The tricycle may tip over, and your child may be hurt. The push bar is intended for adult use only, do not pass responsibility for children on to other children. For free play time take the push bar off for safety reasons.

For models with pneumatic tires: Due to the nature of materials used in pneumatic tires, it is not recommended for the product to be left in any one place for too long where solvents or other chemicals, i. e. oil, may lie. This may result in a chemical reaction, which could cause the tires to mark the surface such as a vinyl flooring. If in doubt put something underneath the wheels to cover the floor. Ensure that air pressure in the tires is correct; if air pressure is too low this increases wear, and makes riding the tricycle more difficult!

Lubricate the bearing sleeves of the wheels and the handlebars with a few drops of oil every two or three months.

USA Assembly Instructions

Assembly of the toy vehicle

Please ensure that the tricycle will only be used for playing when assembly has been carried out correctly, and checked, by an adult.

The tricycle must be assembled carefully by an adult person. Study the assembly instructions carefully before beginning work. Assemble the tricycle in the exact sequence shown by the letters in the diagrams. This is essential for the safe function and use of the tricycle.

Please note that there is always a danger of injury when working with tools or doing manual work. Therefore please be careful when assembling this product.

Ensure that your working area is free of possible sources of danger, for example don’t leave any tools lying around. Always dispose packaging material in such a way that it may not cause any danger. There is always a risk of suffocation if children play with plastic bags!

Bolt all the parts together loosely at first, and check that they have been assembled correctly. Tighten the locknuts by hand until resistance is felt, then use wrench to finally tighten nuts completely against resistance (locking device). Then check that all screw connections have been tightened firmly. Attention: once locknuts have been unscrewed they no longer function correctly (the locking device is destroyed), and must be replaced.

When assembling plastic grips: The grips can be pushed onto the handlebars more easily if they are first soaked in warm water.

Please keep original packaging of this article, so that it may be used for transport at a later date, if necessary.

For technical reasons, we reserve the right to carry out preliminary assembly work (e.g. addition of tubing plugs).

List of spare parts page 19 20

When ordering spare parts, always state the full article number, spare part number, the quantity required.

Example order: Model # 8852 600 / spare part no. 6181.13.00/ 1 piece

Please keep original packaging of this article, so that it may be used for transport at a later date, if necessary. Goods may only be returned after prior arrangement and in (internal) packaging, which is safe for transportation, in the original box if possible.

It is important to provide a detailed defect description / damage report! Important: spare part prices do not include fastening material; if fastening material (bolts, nuts, washers etc.) is required, this should be clearly stated on the order by adding the words „with fastening material“.

Waste Disposal

KETTLER products are recyclable. At the end of its useful life please dispose of this article correctly and safely (local refuse sites).

KETTLER International Inc. ∙ 1355 London Bridge Road ∙ VA 23453 USA



This KETTLER® Limited Warranty applies to products sold through the KETTLER® Authorized Dealer Network to the original retail purchaser and authenticated by proof of purchase from a retailer located in the United States. Any shipments made under this warranty will be shipped to the United States only. Any shipment outside of the United States will be at the sole cost of the customer. This KETTLER® Limited Warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty and is not changed or modified by additional warranties extended by individual retailers at the point of sale. Manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in material at the time of the product’s tender of delivery for a period of 1 year for residential use. This Limited Warranty is not transferable and does not cover normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to, damage and wear to tires, power shocks, drive belts and other non durable parts). The liability of the manufacturer under this Limited Warranty shall not include any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from the defect. This Limited Warranty is void if the product is damaged by accident, unreasonable use, improper service, failure to follow instructions provided, modification from its original state, or other causes determined not arising out of defects in material.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Should this product become defective due to material within the warranty period, contact KETTLER® Parts & Service Dept. by phone at 866.804.0440, fax at 757.563.9273, or e mail at


Lisez attentivement ces consignes avant d’assembler le produit ou de l’utiliser pour la première fois. Elles contiennent des informations importantes pour votre sécurité ainsi que l’utilisation correcte et la maintenance de ce produit. Conservez les consignes dans un endroit sûr pour information ou la commande de pièces détachées.


Ce produit KETTLER a été conçu conformément aux dernières normes de sécurité en vigueur et soumis à une surveillance constante de la qualité. Les informations obtenues de processus de contrôle de la qualité sont ensuite incorporées dans le développement de nos produits. Ainsi, pour cette raison, nous nous réservons le droit de procéder à des modifications de la conception et de la technologie dans le but de proposer à nos clients des produits présentant le meilleur niveau de qualité en permanence.

Pour votre sécurité

Veuillez utiliser ce véhicule jouet seulement dans le but pour lequel il a été conçu, à savoir par un (1) seul enfant. Il est déconseillé de l’utiliser d’une autre manière car cela pourrait s’avérer dangereux. Le fabricant décline toute responsabilité pour les dommages ou blessures causés par un usage impropre.

Ce produit est un jouet et ne convient pas pour un usage sur la voie publique.

Gardez toujours un œil vigilant sur votre enfant afin d’éviter les risques liés à l’inattention ou les mouvements rapides.

Veillez à ce que le tricycle soit toujours utilisé sur un terrain sûr.

Ce produit est convenable pour les enfants entre 1 5 ans et moins que 100 livres. Le chargement maximum pour le seau est 3lbs et chargement maximum pour pushbar est 25lbs. Le poids excessif peut causer une condition hasardeuse ou instable.

Le tricycle est un jouet qui n’est pas muni d’éclairage. Il est dangereux de l’utiliser la nuit.

Ce jouet est seulement conçu pour un usage privé (usage commercial ou public interdit).

Une rotation brusque et/ou vive du guidon peut faire basculer le tricycle. Faire attention au risque de blessures !

Il est interdit de raccorder le tricycle à d’autres véhicules, dispositifs sportifs ou similaires et de le faire tirer/piloter par ces véhicules. N’exposez jamais votre enfant sur le tricycle à des vitesses excédant l’allure de la marche!

Nous recommandons que le port d’un casque de vélo par l’enfant assis sur le tricycle.

Des pièces endommagées peuvent mettre la sécurité de votre enfant en danger ou raccourcir la longévité du produit. Inspectez le vélo à intervalles réguliers afin de vous assurer que toutes les pièces sont en bon état et qu’aucun boulon ou autre joint n’est desserré.

Remplacez le plus rapidement possible les pièces usées ou endommagées et assurez vous que le produit n’est pas utilisé avant que le remplacement ait été effectué. Si vous devez remplacer


des pièces, veuillez n’utiliser que des pièces d’origine fabriquées par KETTLER .

Utilisation du jouet

ATTENTION : la surveillance par un adulte est requise. N’utilisez jamais le produit à proximité de marches, pentes, allées, collines, routes, passages ou piscines. Portez toujours des chaussures. Ne permettez jamais plus d’un seul conducteur (sans siège tandem). Il est fortement recommandé de porter un équipement et un casque de protection (U. S. CPSC Standard 1CFR1203).

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