Kenmore Elite 1008900890A, 1008910890A, 1008920890A Owner’s Manual

Use & Care Guide
Manual de Uso y Cuidado
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Kenmore Eliteo
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Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
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When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be
followed, Including the following:
1. READ all instructions. KEEPthese instructions for future use.
2. To protect against fire, electric shock and injury to gersons, DO NOT immerse cord,
plug, or the Stand Mixer in water or other liquids.
3. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance _sused by or near children.
4. UNPLUG Stand Mixer from outlet when not in use, before putting on or taking off
parts and before cleaning.
5. Avoid contacting moving parts. Keep hands,hair, clothing, aswell asspatulasand
other utensilsaway from beater during operation to reduce the risk of injury to
personsand/or damage to the Mixer.
6. DO NOT operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug, or after the appliance
malfunctions or has been dropped or damaged in any manner. Take the appliance to
a qualified service dealer for repair.
7. The useof accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer
may result in fire, electric shock or injury to persons.
8. DO NOT use outdoors.
9. NEVER let the cord hang over the edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
10. Remove mixing bowl and fiat beater, wire whip or dough hook from Stand Mixer
before washing them.
11.DO NOT usethisappliance for anything other than its intended use.
12.To protect against electrical shock, this appliance isequipped with a cord having
3-prong grounding-type plug for insertion into a proper grounding-type receptacle.
DO NOT alter the plug for useina 2-prong receptacle. If the plug will not fit into a
receptacle, havethe proper receptacle installed by a qualified electrician.
13 This product is designed for household use only.
14. A shortpower supply cord (ordetachable power supply cord) isto be provided to
reduce risks resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord. This
unit isequipped with a proper cord.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical sensory or capabilities ,or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they
have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
1 Tilting
Attachment Pin
Work Light
5 Quart
Steel Bowl
Speed Control Knob
3 Quart
Steel Bowl
Coated FlatBeater
Bowl --
Clamping Plate
Wire Whip
Silica Rubber Feet
(not shown)
Coated Dough Hook
1. Before using your Stand Mixer, remove all packing material, plastic, labels,
stickers or tags that may be attached to the Mixer, Bowls or Attachments.
2. Before the first use of the Stand Mixer, wash the Flat Beater, Dough Hook, and
Stainless Steel Bowls in warm, sudsy water or in the dishwasher. The
Wire Whip should be washed by hand only. Rinse and Dry all thoroughly.
3. The exterior of the StandMixer should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth,
then dried with a soft,clean cloth.
4. Place Stand Mixer on a dry, level, stable, surface suchas a countertop or
table. Keep Mixer away from countertop edge. Besure to leave plenty of room
around Air Ventsat the rear of Mixer.
NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring loads when cleaning |
your Stand Mixer. NEVER immerse the body of thb Stand Mixer
1m water or any liquid.
To insert and remove attachments and bowls, it is necessary to raise the Tilting Motor
To raise Head, locate the Locking lever on the left hand side. Pull lever forward to the
Unlock icon _. Raise head and release lever. Lever will return to Lock icon i_. Push
head all the way back until it stops. Head is now locked in place.
To lower Head, pull lever forward to Unlock icon. Release lever and guide Head
down until it locks into Mix position.
_ ARNING: To avoid serious injury, never turn on Mixer with Beater or other
attachments connected unlessthe Bowl isin place.
WARNING: To avoid serious injury, keep fingers and hands away from
beater attachment hole and hinge area when raising or lowering Tilt Head.
Fig. 3
(see Fig. 3)
1. Turn speed control to OFF.
2. Unplug Stand mixer.
3. Tilt the Head back.
4. Turn bowl counterclockwise until loosened
and pull up and out of Bowl Clamping Plate.
1. Turn speed control to OFF. Pin
2. Unplug Stand mixer.
3. Tilt the Head back.
4. Align slot at the top of Attachment Fig. 4
with pin on Tilt Head shaft. Push
Attachment up onto shaft and turn
counterclockwise until pin moves all the
way into the slot (see Fig. 4).
1. Turn speed control to OFF.
2. Unplug Stand mixer.
3. Tilt the Head back.
4. Turn Attachment clockwise on shaft until pin on shaft lines up with slot
on attachment. Pull off.
The Speed Control Knob is located on
the right side of the Mixer (with the
front facing you), and hasincrements
from 1to 10and OFF (see Fig.5).
To start Mixer, turn Knob clockwise
from OFF.Always start the Mixer on
the slowest possible speed to avoid
splashing ingredients out of the bowl.
When ingredients start to mix, turn
speed upas called for in recipe.
See Page g for Speed Control Guide.
Fig. 5
Indicator Light
_CAUTION:To avoid unintentional starting and possible injury or product damage /
turn Speed Knob to OFF and unplug Stand Mixer when mixing is complete. /
When the Mixer is plugged in and a speed is selected, the blue LED light encircling
the Speed Knob (see Fig. 5) comes on. AWork Light also comes on to illuminate
the work area above the bowl.
When you turn the Speed Knob OFF, the blue LED Light around the Speed
Knob goes out. The Work Light stays on for 3 minutes, then shuts off.
NOTE: If you pJug the Mixer in with the Speed Knob turned to any speed
setting, the mixer will not start, but the Speed Knob and Work Light LEDswill
flash on and off. Turn the Speed Knob to OFF to stop the Jightsfrom flashing
and resume normal Mixer operation.
FLAT BEATER- 120V/60HZ//400W
- For normal to heavy mixtures:
cakes cookies •quick breads
creamed frostings •pie pastry meat loaf
candies biscuits mashed potatoes
egg whites
heavy cream
120V/60H Z!240W
For mixtures that need to have air added:
boiled frostings
sponge cakes
angel food cakes
DOUGH HOOK- 120V/60HZ/400W
- For mixing and kneading yeast doughs:
breads coffee cakes
rolls "buns
The StandMixer isadjustedat the factory sothat the Flat Beater clears the bottom of the
Bowl. If the FlatBeater hitsthe bottom of the Bowl or istoo far away from the sides
adjust as follows:
1. TurnSpeed Control to OFF. Fig. 6
2. Unplug Stand Mixer
3. Tilt Motor Head back and lock
4. Using#3 PhillipsHead screwdriver, turn
screw (see Fig.6)counterclockwise (left)
to raise the FlatBeater or clockwise
(right) to lower.
5. Adjust so that the Flat Beaterjust clears the
surface of the Bowl. Do not over adjust.You
may not beable to lock the Motor Head
when lowered.
t NOTE:If the Flat Beater or Wire Whip strikes the Bowl, the finish may wear off. 1
Your Stand Mixer will mix faster and more thoroughly than most other electric Mixers.
Therefore, the mixing time in mosttraditional and non-packaged recipes should be
adjusted to avoid overbearing. Cakes, for example, may need only half as much
beating time as with other mixers.
Number on Speed Knob
1 Stir
For slow stirring, combining, mashing,
starting all mixing procedures. Use to add
flour and dry ingredients to batter, add
liquids to dry ingredients, and combine
heavy mixtures. Use with Ice Cream
Maker Attachment, sold separately.
2 Slow Mixing
4 Mixing, Beating
For slow mixing, mashing, faster stirring.
Use to mix heavy batters and candies,
start mashing potatoes or other
vegetables, cut shortening into flour,
mix thin or splashy batters, and mix
and knead yeast dough. Use with Can
Opener Attachment, sold separately.
For mixing semi-heavy batter, such as
cookies. Use to combine sugar and
shortening and to add sugar to egg
whites for meringues. Use this Medium
Speed for cake mixes. Use with Food
Grinder, Rotor Slicer/Shredder, and Fruit/
Vegetable Strainer, sold separately.
6 Beating, Creaming For medium fast beating (creaming) or
whipping. Use to finish mixing cake,
doughnut, and other batters. High speed
for cake mixes. Use with Citrus Juicer
attachment, sold separately.
8 Fast Beating, Whipping For whipping cream, egg whites, and
boiled frostings.
10 Fast Whipping For whipping small amounts of cream or
egg whites. Use with Pasta Maker and
Grain Mill attachments, sold separately.
NOTE: Do not scrape the bowl while the Stand Mixer is operating. The bowl and
beater are designed to provide thorough mixing without frequent scraping. Scraping
the bowl once or twice during mixing isusually sufficient. Turn the Mixer Off before
j OTE: Mixer may not maintain fast speeds under heavy load. This is normal, j
To avoid mixer slowing down, never add more than 10cups of flour to the mixing bowl.
j not exceed Speed preparing yeast dough, could damage j
NOTE: Do 2when This theMixer.
To helpdetermine the ideal mixing time for a recipe, observe the batter or dough
and mix only until it hasthe desired appearance described inyour recipe, suchas
"smooth and creamy".
Always add ingredients as close to the side of the bowl as possible, not directly
into the moving beater.
When adding Nuts, Raisinsor Candied Fruits,follow individual recipes for guidelines
on including these ingredients. Ingeneral, solid materials should be folded in during the
last few seconds of mixing on Speed 1.The batter should be thick enough to prevent
the fruit or nutsfrom sinking to the bottom of the pan during baking. Sticky fruits should
be dusted with flour for better distribution in the batter.
Mixtures containing large amountsof liquid ingredients should be mixed at lower
speeds to avoid splashing. Increase mixer speed only after the mixture hasthickened.
_ WARNING: Injury Hazard: Unplug mixer before touching beaters or other
accessories. Failure to do so can result in broken bones, cuts or bruises.
Always unplug Stand Mixer before cleaning. Do not immerse Mixer in water.
The exterior of the Mixer should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads when cleaning your J
Stand Mixer. NEVERimmerse the body of the Stand Mixer in water or any liquid.
Always remove attachments from Mixer before cleaning. Wash all attachments by hand
or in dishwasher except Wire Whip, which should only be hand washed. Rinse and dry
Beaters, Attachments and Bowls should be washed as soon as possible after use to
keep food from drying on them.
Any other servicing should be performed by a qualified service dealer.
Your Stand Mixer comes with a built-in multipurpose Attachment Hub located in the front
of the Tilt Motor Head. A leading brandname appliance maker offers a diverse selection of
food preparation attachments that wiii connect to the Hub, and are fully functional with this
Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer.
Read and carefully follow the instructions that come with the attachment for correct and
safe use.
AJusar aparatos eJ_ctricos, Jas medidas de secjuridad b6sicas se deben secjuir
siempre, induyendo Jo siguiente:
1. LEA todas las instrucciones. GUARDF estas instrucciones para el uso futuro.
2. Para proteger contra el fuego, la descarga el&ctrica y lesi6n alas personas, no
sumerja la cuerda, enchufe, o el Mezclador parado en agua u otros llquidos.
3. La supervisi6n cercana esnecesaria cuando cualquier aparato seutiliza por o
cerca a ni_os.
4. DESENCHUFF el Mezclador Parado del enchufe cuando nose usa,antesde
porter encima o de sacar piezas y antes de limpiar.
5. Evitede entrar en contacto con piezas m6viles. Guarde las manos, pelo, ropa, tan
bien como lasesp6tulas y otros utensilios lejos del batidor durante la operaci6n
para reducir el riesgo de lesi6n alas personas y/o da_o al mezclador.
6. No funcione ning0naparato con una cuerda o unenchufe da_ado, o despu6sde
que el aparato funcione incorrectamente o se haya caldo o se haya da_ado de
cualquier manera. Lleve el aparato a undistribuidor de servicios califica para su
7. Elusode los accesorios accesorios no recomendados por el fabricante del
aparato puede dar lugar a fuego, descarga el&ctrica o lesi6n a las personas.
8. No utilice al aire libre.
NUNCA deje la cuerda colgando sobre el borde de la mesao del contador, o
tocar lassuperficies calientes.
Quite el taz6n de fuente que se mezcla y batidor, azote del alambre o gancho
piano de la pasta de mezclador del soporte antes de lavarlas.
11 No utilice estaaplicaci6n para cualquier cosa con excepci6n de suuso previsto.
12 Para proteger contra descarga el&ctrica, este aparato se equipa de una cuerda
que tiene unenchufe tipo de porter a tierra de tres dientes para la inserci6n en un
recept6culo tipo porter a tierra apropiado. NO altere el enchufe para el usoen un
recept6culo de 2 dientes. Si el enchufe no cabe en a el recept6culo, tenga el
recept6culo apropiado instalado por unelectricista calificado.
13 Este producto se diseBa para eJuso de Jacasa soJamente.
14. Una cuerda corta de alimentaci6n (o la cuerda desmontable de alimentaci6n) debe
set proporcionada para reducir riesgos resultando de enredo o de tropezar sobre
una cuerda m6slarga. Estaunidad se equipa de una cuerda apropiada.
Estaaplicaci6n no est6 dise_ado para los usospor las personas (incluidos los ni_os) con
discapacidades o sensorio Fsico reducido, o la fatta de experiencia y conocimiento, a
menosque selessupervise o les instruya en el usodel aparato por una persona responsabie
de suseguridad.
Fig. 1
Cabeza de
motor de
Cubo accesorio
Perno accesorio
PQla nca
de fijaclon
principal de
Trabajo ligero
de 5 cuartos
de gal6n
Perilla control de velocidad
de 3 cuartos
de gal6n
Batidor piano revestido
de placa con
Piesde goma de silicona
(no demostrados)
Alambre de batir Gancho de pasta revestido
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