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KEF and Uni-Qare registered trademarks.Uni-Qis protected under GB patent 2 236929 and U.S. Pat. No. 5,548,657.Worldwide patents pending. KEF reserve the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. Dolby, Pro Logic, and thedouble-Dsymbol are registered trademarks of

Dolby Laboratories. DTS is a registered trademark of Digital Theatre Systems Inc.



Black out

You know you’re in for a treat as soon as you see it. Sleek, but discreet. Packed with clever technology. Glistening like a Steinway grand.

Press ‘play’, and the room comes alive.And so do your senses. You’re plunged into a 3-Dsoundscape of extraordinary depth and textural detail.

Black is back

You’re in the world of KEF instant theatre - the complete DVD-based5.1 digital entertainment system that’s specifically designed to match new style flat screen TVs. Powerful enough to make your heart soar, and sensitive enough to hear

a pin drop.

Black magic - and everything you need in one box.

Identical effects speakers front and rear, matched to a centre channel that captures the human voice like no other.A slim DVD player, and a hide-awaysubwoofer with sophisticated power amplifiers.And because of KEF’s uniquely advanced speaker technology, you’re surrounded by the same spacious and dynamic sound image wherever you sit.

Black is beautiful.

Black and white

Movies or music, you experience exactly what the original artists intended. No more, no less.And with a high performance DVD player that automatically configures itself for whatever DVD or CD you put in and a full-functionremote, you’ll find the system as easy to use as it is to set up.

Black is black

Slender columns of pure sound, dispersed evenly throughout the room.Whether you choose the optional adjustable shelf stands or the neatly cable-managedfloor stands, the look is strikingly clean and uncluttered. Like the sound: smooth, fluid and satisfying.

Black velvet.

Compromise has no place in home entertainment, and the new KEF instant theatre is designed for the way we live now.

Easy to use. Refined. Accessible - an indulgence in pleasure, with the power to give you a real high.

High gloss. High fidelity. High style.

KEF Uni-Q®

Originally developed for KEF’s legendary high end loudspeakers, the Uni-Qconcept uses aerospace materials to create a tweeter small enough to mount in the centre of the bass/midrange driver so that both act as a single point source.This disperses the sound over a much wider area, so everyone in the room enjoys the same clear, warm, realistic sound instead of just in the small ‘sweet spot’ you get with conventional speakers.

DVD/CD player/tuner

Whatever you play - DVDs, CDs, SVCDs,VCDs or MP3s,

the compact head unit automatically recognises what you load. As well as the benefit of Dolby Digital and DTS decoding for DVDs, Dolby Pro Logic II gives surround sound from any other equipment you play through the system.With clear displays and intuitive controls, the unit also houses an AM/FM radio with RDS and sleep functions.

Inert aluminium enclosures

The distinctive elliptical speaker enclosures are precision engineered from acoustically inert extruded aluminium to prevent cabinet vibrations and internal resonances from interfering with the purity of the sound. KEF’s ingenious concealed wall brackets simplify wall mounting, and optional full-lengthfloor stands

are available in addition to adjustable shelf or the standard desktop stands.

Big bass

You need hefty bass punch to bring out the best in dramatic movie effects.With on-boardamps for all channels flanking a large diameterside-firingbass driver, theomni-directionalsubwoofer adds real weight and physical impact to a sound image that surrounds you. Discreetly finished in matt black, it can be placed out of sight - even behind the TV or next to a wall.

Easy to set up

It’s called KEF instant theatre for a reason: the system is designed to be so easy to set up that you can experience the full benefit of 5.1 digital surround sound in a matter of minutes.All you have to do is plug in the subwoofer and connect four other cables, all of which are supplied.All that’s left is to switch on, load your disc and enjoy.

Remote control

A full-functionremote gives you complete control over your entertainment without leaving the sofa.Although the standard presets are suitable for most rooms, you can easily customise the settings to suit your own personal preferences via the remote control, using clear colourfulon-screenmenus.

Pause for reflection




Three way closed box

Drive units

1 x 75mm (3in.) Uni-Q®,15mm (0.6in.)


aluminium HF


2 x 75mm (3in.) LF

Crossover Frequencies

800Hz - 5kHz

Frequency Range (± 3dB)

95Hz - 30kHz

Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m)


Maximum Output

106dB SPL @ 1m


Net Weight

2kg (4.4lbs)

Dimensions Satellite

419 x 88 x 127 mm

(H x W X D)

16.5 x 3.5 x 5.0 in.

Dimensions Centre

88 x 419 x 127 mm

(H x W X D)

3.5 x 16.5 x 5.0 in.


High Gloss Black



Closed box powered subwoofer

Drive unit

250mm (10in.) long-throwunit


6 high power amplifier channels for


subwoofer and main speakers


Matt Black Vinyl with Gloss Black Acrylic


Front Panel

Dimensions (H x W X D)

398 x 176 x 515 mm (15.6 x 6.9 x 20.3 in.)



Formats supported



MP3 encoded CD

Tuner section

AM/FM with RDS facility (Europe only)

Audio inputs

Cable/satellite (analogue & optical digital),


VCR and TV (analogue)

Audio output

Optical digital

Video inputs

Cable/satellite and VCR (S-video& composite)

Video outputs

SCART (Europe only), Component with


progressive scan, S-video,Composite

Aerial inputs

FM & AM (included)

Cabinet material



High Gloss Black


High Gloss Black finish,White VFD Display


Infra-redremote control

Dimensions* (H x W X D)

59 x 324 x 262 mm (2.32 x 12.75 x 10.31 in.)

* including feet