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Information Sheet

KEF has taken a new style direction in custom installation with the Ci400 and the Ci400T.

Developed from the proven multi-awardwinning KHT2005, the innovative and stylish cast aluminium loudspeakers offer many advantages and benefits to the professional installer.

Using high-gradecrossover components in conjunction with theUni-Q® array contributes tohi-fisound quality across the full frequency range, making the product ideal for both foreground and background music.

Choose the Ci400 with its adjustable ball joint and you have flexibility in positioning. Use it on its own base, mounted horizontally or vertically on walls, on ceilings or, using the heavy duty mounting bracket, attached to poles.

Decide on the Ci400T and you have the additional transformer mounted within the base, providing an option for use with 70/100v line systems.

Commercial installations requiring hi-fiperformance will benefit from these stylish speakers.

Features and Benefits:

The 2-wayCi400 combines 50W power handling and 88dB sensitivity, for a maximum output of 104dB.

A stylish cast aluminium reflex ported enclosure with 100mm (4”) polypropylene bass/mid cone and coincident mounted, twin neodymium magnet, 19mm (34”) aluminium dome,high-frequencyunit.

A choice of silver, soft black or pearl white finishes to suit architectural requirements.

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(Tube Mount)


(Wall Mount)

1 Ci400 / Ci400T



Ci400 / Ci400T

2 Ci400 / Ci400T



Ci400 / Ci400T

5 Ci400 / Ci400T




Polar graphs







Architectural specifications:

The Ci Series Ci400 and Ci400T comprise a 19mm aluminium dome tweeter and 100mm white polypropylene bass/mid unit with double neo compound magnet system. Performance should meet or exceed the following criteria: frequency response 1 metre on-axiswith swept

sinewave shall be 80Hz to 27 kHz, sensitivity shall be at least 88dB for 2.83V@1m. The impedance and maximum power shall be 50W at 4 ohms. The Ci Series Ci400 and Ci400T is best suited where high quality music and speech reinforcement applications require hi-fiperformance such as:

·Multi Room systems.

·Home Theatre systems.

·Lounges, Bars, Boutiques.

·Boardrooms & Offices.

·Airports, Convention Centres, Hotels.

·Live Theatre/Concert Hall fill-in.

·Houses of Worship.

·Sports Arenas.

Frequency / Power response, Input impedance


Frequency range

80Hz - 27kHz



Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m, 2π)




Rec. amplifier power

10 - 50W



Nominal Impedance

4Ω (min. 3.2Ω)



Crossover Frequency


Directivity Index / Beamwidth

Enclosure material

aluminium alloy




binding posts up to Ø5mm (0.2”)





Dimensions (H x W x D)

198 x 130 x 150 mm, 7.8 x 5.2 x 6 in.



Net weight

2.0kg (4.4lbs)