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jbl spotTM

®powered satellite speakers and subwoofer

jbl spotTM

®powered satellite speakers and subwoofer

JBL® introduces a new idea in multimedia sound: audience participation. JBL Spotis a powerful, compact 2.1- channel multimedia sound system that comes with interchangeable black and white outer covers. But an eyeopening array of optional covers in other colors and patterns is available (JBL Wrappers). Be bold or subtle. Go retro oravant-garde.Match your room or your mood. The choice is yours – and you can always change your mind later. The only thing about JBL Spot that doesn’t change is the sound. That’s perfect right out of the box.

Compatibility A stereo mini jack easily connects JBL Spot to a variety of multimedia devices with a minimum of desktop wiring. Enjoyhigh-qualityaudio from desktop and laptop computers (any platform), iPod® and other MP3 players, satellite radio, game consoles – you name it.

Easy-to-Use Touch Controls One touch increases or decreases the volume; one touch mutes or unmutes the system. A single control lets you adjust subwoofer output. And JBL Spot remembers your previous settings every time the system is powered on.

Advanced Technology JBL Spot owes its clear, accurate sound and outstanding performance characteristics to proprietary JBL technologies developed specifically for the realities of multimedia sound.

Odyssey® transducers Aluminum-domedtransducers driven by powerful neodymium magnets deliver rich highandmid-frequencyresponse. They may be small, but they definitely kick.

Atlassubwoofer – Alarge-excursionsubwoofer driven by dual neodymium magnets pounds out clean,distortion-freebass.

MAPS (Minimum Audio Parameter Shift) – Volume is good, but the distortion that plagues small speakers at high volume is bad. MAPS suppresses distortion, even at the highest output levels.

COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization) – Proper equalization greatly improves stereo imaging. The JBL Spot system iscomputer-optimizedto provide a rich, complete soundstage.

OCT (Optimized Compression Topology) – A proprietary compression technology ensures clean, accurate sound at high output levels.

Detailed Technical Specifications


JBL, Inc.

Model Name:

JBL Spot

Available In:

White and Black JBL Wrappers come standard


(designer JBL Wrappers available separately)

Input Requirement:

1/8" (3.5mm) Mini stereo jack


Satellite: two Odyssey® neodymium drivers


Subwoofer: Atlasneodymium driver


Satellite: 6 watts per channel


Subwoofer: 24 watts

Frequency Response:

40Hz – 20kHz


Satellite: Diameter – 3.5" (90mm)


Height – 3.5" (90mm)


Subwoofer: Diameter – 8" (200mm)


Height – 5.5" (140mm)


6.0 lb (2.8kg)

Input Impedance:

>5k Ohms



Voltage Input:

120V AC U.S., 100V AC Japanese, 230V AC Europe

JBL, Inc.

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