Jamo S-250 Brochure

Jamo S-250 Brochure

Jamo S250

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Fill your room with sound – not with speakers

The desire to be surrounded by sound often results in a room full of bulky speakers.With this 2.1 virtual surround system, the S 250 HCS 21, Jamo has found a solution.

Virtual surround sound is a simulation of full-blown surround sound.The heart of our powerful system is our high-quality DVD receiver, the S VSR 25. Its main feature is the SRS Virtual Surround function, which uses complex sound algorithms

to create the illusion of a full surround system – but by using only two speakers and a subwoofer.

The highly versatile DVD receiver features two ways to easily use media from the front: a USB port, enabling you to easily play media files, such as MP3s and WMAs, or show JPEG photos; and a mini-jack audio input to hook-up your MP3 player. On the back, there are additional auxiliary inputs allowing

you to connect to your computer,TV or gaming consoles.The disk drive allows you to play DVDs, DivX and XviD movies, as well as show JPEGs and Kodak Photo CDs. And the icing on the cake? An AM/FM tuner with RDS, giving you even more ways to enjoy this flexible system.

Two compact satellite speakers which are custom-designed and optimised for the Virtual Surround system, the S 250s, and a powerful active subwoofer, the SUB 200, with an 8” long-throw woofer housed in a bass-reflex cabinet, round out the system.The satellite speakers are magnetically shielded and are either wall or tabletop mountable.

A highly versatile and powerful system, our 2.1 virtual surround system integrates easily into any home and plays just about any kind of media.The S 250 HCS 21 fills your room with big sound, not with speakers.



Woofer (in / mm) Frequency range (Hz) Impedance (Ohm) Phase

Cut off frequency (Hz) Amplifier rated output (W peak) Limiter

Dimensions (HxWxD mm / in)

Weight (Kg / lb)



Virtual Surround

USB for MP3,WMA and Jpeg Video decoding

Sound decoding Photo decoding Video Outputs

Amplifier Rated Output (W Peak) Progressive scan

Dimensions (HxWxD mm / in)

Weight (Kg / lb)

SUB 200


S 250

Bass reflex



8 / 203

Woofer (in / mm)

3 / 76

36 - 150

Tweeter (in / mm)

¾ / 19


Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m)


Adj. 0-180 deg.

Power handling long / short term (W)

60 / 80


Frequency range (Hz)

150 – 20.000


Impedance (Ohm)



Dimensions (HxWxD mm / in)

94 x 220 x 113

303 x 230 x 430


3.7 x 8.7 x 4.4

11.9 x 9.1 x 16.9

Weight (Kg / lb)

1.3 / 2.9

8.4 / 18.5



S VSR 25



2.1 DVD receiver









DivX, Xvid



Dolby Digital, DTS, MP3,WMA



Jpeg, Kodak Photo CD



SCART, S-Video, Component,






2 x 65










Danish Sound Design

2.6 / 5.7