Jamo A 705 data sheet

Jamo A 705 data sheet

A 705

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Jamo A 705

The A 705’s compact, 2½-way closed box enclosure is designed to fulfill a variety of possible roles when system building. It can be used with equal success as a main left/right channel or rear surround speaker if full-range sound reproduction is required and/or if placing options require a floorstanding model.

The A 705 can also be partnered with an A 70 CEN center-channel speaker, A 702 (used as rear surround speakers) and an A 70 SUB to create an elegant and compact 5.1 system. Alternatively you could just partner A 705 with an A 70 SUB to create a 2-channel music system that pleases the ears just as much as it pleases the eyes.




2 ½-way closed

Woofer (mm/in)

2 x 90 / 3.5

Tweeter (mm/in)

19 / ¾ Dome

Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m)


Impedance (Ohms)


Weight (kg/lbs)

7.2 / 15.9

Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in)

985 x 200 x 200 / 38.8 x 7.9 x 7.9

Frequency Range


Power (Long Term/W)

100W / 140W


Brushed Aluminum