Jamo 6-5CS, 6.5 CS-T W, 8.5 CS User Manual [ru]

Jamo 6-5CS, 6.5 CS-T W, 8.5 CS User Manual

In-Ceiling speakers

WARNING: Improper installation of the speaker could result in amplifier damage. Read all instructions before installation.


Make certain the speaker is located between ceiling joists to avoid cutting into joists. Place the supplied template a minimum of 5/8“ from any joists. Draw a line around it to mark the cutout. Take care when cutting the hole to avoid cutting into pipes or electrical conduits. If you encounter pipes, electrical conduits or other obstacles you may have to select another location for the speaker.


Before installing the speaker connect the speaker wires as described under „Hookup“.

Remove the grill from the speaker. First loosen screws A (fig. 1) by turning them counter clockwise. Loosen all 4 screws until the „Dog ears“ B (fig. 2) can move freely. Do not remove the screws. Install the speaker into the ceiling and position it. Turn screws A clockwise until they are tightened and the frame firmly installed.

Before reinstalling the grill on the speaker make adjustments as described under “Adjustments”. Reinstall the grill. If the grill has a loose fit and/or is vibrating when the speaker is playing remove the grill, install the supplied non-curing glue strips at locations C (fig. 1) and reinstall the grill.


The receiver/amplifier must be turned OFF before you connect the speakers or it may cause damage to the receiver/amplifier.

Connect the speaker wires from the receiver/amplifier to the speakers. When connecting the speaker wires make sure that LEFT (L) is connected to LEFT (L), RIGHT (R) to RIGHT (R), POSITIVE

(+) to POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) to NEGATIVE (-). If terminals are color coded, RED is POSITIVE (+) and BLACK is NEGATIVE (-).

For dual voice coil models (designated by DVC in model number) connect LEFT (L) to one side and RIGHT (R) to other side of speaker.


The tweeter can be tilted towards the listening area, due to high frequencies being more directional than low frequencies. The impedance of the speaker and the level of the tweeter are adjustable except on DVC models. Both adjustments are located on the front of the frame.


The factory setting is 8 ohm. If the receiver/amplifier specifies a minimum

impedance of 4 ohm, the speaker may be switched to the 4 ohm position. This will make the speaker play louder. When installing more then 1

pair of speakers to a receiver/amplifier special care should be taken to impedance matching the speakers to the receiver/amplifier. This may require impedance matching devices. Consult your dealer for information regarding impedance matching.


The factory setting is 0 dB. The level of the tweeter can be lowered by 3 or 6 dB to suite individual tastes in different room

environments. Experiment with the settings to find the preferred sound.

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