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Rack Conveyor Dishmachine

Maintenance Instructions

Heater Replacement

07610-003-12-01 A

October 14, 2005


Jackson rack conveyor machines come equipped with heaters to ensure proper ware washing results. Occasionally, some of these components may need replacing to maintain optimum performance.

Jackson offers all of the repair parts necessary for performing this task.

The instructions provided here are for maintenance personnel only. Unauthorized persons should not attempt any of the steps contained in these instructions.

Warning: many of the instructions and steps within this document require the use of tools. Only authorized personnel should ever perform any maintenance procedure on the dishmachine!


1.Power must be secured to the unit at the service breaker. Tag or lock out the service breaker to prevent accidental or unauthorized energizing of the machine.

2.Ensure that incoming water to the machine is secured either by use of a shut-off valve or disconnecting the incoming water line.

3.The unit must be drained completely.


The following tools will be needed to perform this maintenance evolution:

1.3/8” Nutdriver


3.1/2” Socket

4.3/8” Socket

5.Phillipshead Screwdriver

6.Needlenose Pliers

7.Torque Wrench

8.Siliconee Sealant

9.Amp Meter


It is estimated that it will take (1) person ninety minutes to perform this task, not including all of the items indicated in the section entitled “PREPARATION”.


1. Read these instructions thoroughly before attempting this maintenance task. Become familiar with the parts and what actions need to be taken. This will save time in the long run!


1.Remove the front dress panel.

2.Remove the heater box cover to expose the heater. Set the cover and hardware to the side.

3.Remove the incoming electrical lines from the heater. Set the hardware to the side.

Removing the power lines.

4. Push the incoming electrical lines out of the way.

Heater without power lines attached.

5. The thermostat probe needs to be removed from the well inside the heater. The probe is secured in place with silicone that must be peeled away prior to attempting to remove it. It is important that you do not damage the probe during this part of the maintenance action. If you do, then the thermostat will have to be replaced as well.

6. Using your hand or needlenose pliers, remove the silicone so that the thermostat probe may be gently removed.


Heater Replacement Instructions

Revision A (10/14/2005)


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