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Please read the precautions and instructions in this manual before

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using this equipment. Please save this manual for future reference.

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Model: 400R


Please call if:

you need assistance about operating your exercise bike

parts are missing

parts become worn or need to be replaced

1-888-340-0482 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm Central Time

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Before You Start

Thank you for purchasing an IRONMAN exercise bicycle! This quality product you have chosen was designed to meet your needs for cardiovascular exercise.

Prior to assembly, remove components from the box and verify that all the listed parts were supplied. Assembly instructions are described in the following steps and illustrations.

Important Safety Information


1)Before using this exercise bicycle or starting any exercise program, consult your physician. This is especially important for persons over the age of 35 and/or persons with pre-existing health problems. IRONMAN FITNESS assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this product.

2)To reduce the risk of electrical shock, burns, fire or other possible injuries to the user, it is important to review this manual and the following precautions before operation.


Safety Precautions and Tips

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that all users of this exercise bike have read the Owner's Manual and are familiar with warnings and safety precautions.

This exercise bike has a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds.

The IRONMAN Bike should only be used on a level surface and is intended for indoor use only. It should not be placed in a garage, patio or near water. IRONMAN recommends an equipment mat be placed under the bicycle to the protect the floor or carpet and for easier cleaning.

Wear comfortable, good-quality walking or running shoes and appropriate clothing. Do not use this exercise bike with bare feet, sandals, socks or stockings!

Always examine your exercise bike before using to ensure all parts are in working order.

Do not leave children unsupervised near or on the exercise bicycle.

Never operate the exercise bicycle where oxygen is being administered or where aerosol products are being used.

Never insert any object or body parts into any opening.

Service to your IRONMAN Exercise Bike should only be performed by an authorized service representative, unless authorized and/or instructed by an IRONMAN technician.

Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.

Assembly of IRONMAN

400R Recumbent Bike




1.Attach foot tubes (4) to the frame by using the carriage bolts (44), flat washers (50) and cap nuts (45) provided.

Make sure the foot tube with wheels is assembled onto the front of the unit.


2a. Attach the rear handlebar (22) to the seat carriage (3) with the flat washers (50) and screws (79) provided. Connect the seat cushions (9,10) to the seat carriage (3) with the washers (78) and screws (80).



2b. First remove the support tube (24) from the main frame

(1). Slide the assembled seat carriage onto the carriage tube (16). Re-assemble the support tube (24).

Attach the end cap (17) with screws (57) and rear carriage tube rubber stopers (66) with bolts (74, 75) and washer (76).


3. Attach pedals

. Axles of pedals are branded “L”

and “R.” The

“R” goes on the right hand

side of the bike

one marked “L” on the left hand

side. Tighten the

pedal by turning counter-clock-

wise and the

by turning clockwise.



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