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CAUTION! Read all precautions and instructions in this manual before using this equipment.


Model Name: 235r

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Serial Number:

315-00124 11/07 Rev B

Table of Contents

Important Safety Information




Console Instructions


Monitoring Your Heart Rate


Warm-Up Exercises


Moving Instructions


Parts List


Exploded View


Warranty Information


Important Safety Information

WARNING! Before using this unit or starting any exercise program, consult your physician. This is especially important for persons over the age of 35 and/or persons with pre-existing health problems. The manufacturer or distributor assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this product.

WARNING! To reduce the risk of electrical shock, burns, fire, or other possible injuries to the user, it is important to review this manual and the following precautions before operation.


1.It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that all users of this unit have read the Owner's Manual and are familiar with warnings and safety precautions.

2.This unit has a user maximum capacity of 275 pounds.

3.The unit should only be used on a level surface and is intended for indoor use only. The unit should not be placed in a garage, patio, or near water and should never be used while you are wet. Ironman Fitness recommends a mat be placed under the unit to protect floor or carpet and for easier cleaning.

4.Follow safety information in regards to plugging in your unit. Do not run the power cord underneath your unit. Do not operate the unit with a damaged or frayed power cord.

5.Wear comfortable, good-quality walking or running shoes and appropriate clothing. Do not use the unit with bare feet, sandals, socks or stockings.

6.Always examine your unit before using to ensure all parts are in working order.

7.Allow the unit to fully stop before dismounting.

8.Pets should never be allowed near the unit.

9.Do not leave children unsupervised near or on the unit.

10.Never operate the unit where oxygen is being administered, or where aerosol products are being used.

11.Never insert any object or body parts into any opening.

12.For safety and to prevent damage to your unit, no more than one person should use the unit at a time.

13.Always unplug the unit before cleaning and/or servicing. Service to your unit should only be performed by an authorized service representative, unless authorized and/or instructed by the manufacturer.

14.Failure to follow these instructions will void the unit warranty.

Important Safety Information

Thank you for purchasing the Ironman 235r Recumbent Bike! The quality product you have chosen was designed to meet your needs for cardiovascular exercise. Before you start, please read the Owner’s Manual and become familiar with the operation of your new unit.

Remember to take time to perform stretching exercises, provided in this manual, to help avoid injury.

If you are taking medication, consult your physician to see what effect the medication will have on your exercise heart rate.

If you have heart problems, you are not active, and/or are over the age of 35 years, do not use the pre-set programs or start an exercise program without first contacting and receiving approval from your physician.

To avoid the risk of electrical shock, always keep the console dry. Do not spill liquids on the console. Ironman Fitness recommends a sealed water bottle for beverages consumed while using the unit.

Please review the following drawing below to familiarize yourself with the listed parts.





















Getting Started - The Ironman Fitness 235r will require some assembly. Unpack the box in a clear area. Remove packing material. Do not dispose of packing material until assembly is complete and unit is working properly. Place the unit on a clean level surface for assem-

bly. Make sure there is easy access to an electrical outlet. Before assembling, the unit should be placed as close as possible to its final location. If you are missing any parts, please call Ironman Fitness at 1-888-340-0482. Tools have been provided to assist with product assembly.

Figure 1

Step 1:

Attach the rear stabilizer (4A) onto the rear of main frame (1) using carriage bolts (19), arc washers (49), and cap nuts (21).

Step 2:

Attach the front stabilizer (4) onto the front of the main frame (1) using carriage bolts (19), washers (49), and cap nuts (21).

Note: The stabilizer with roller wheels is the front stabilizer.


Figure 2

Step 1:

Attach the seat handlebar (16) to the seat carriage (3) using hex head bolts (73), washers (49), and nylon nuts (50).

Figure 3

Step 1:

Attach the seat (9) to the seat carriage

(3) using screws (62) and washers (63).

Figure 4

Step 1:

Attach the back pad (60) to the seat carriage (3) using screws (62) and washers (63).


Figure 5

Step 1:

Remove hex head screws (55) and screws (70) from carriage tube (5).

Figure 6

Step 1:

Remove the left and right carriage tube caps (13 & 14).

Figure 7

Step 1:

Remove hex head screw (55) and washer (49) from the rear of carriage tube (5).


Figure 8

Step 1:

Slide the carriage tube (5) off of the main frame (1).

Step 2:

Carefully disconnect pulse wire (57) from extension pulse wire (75). Be sure not to pull the pulse wires from the tube or frame.

Figure 9

Step 1:

Slide the seat carriage (3) onto the carriage tube (5) and secure using the locking knob located on the right hand side.

Step 2:

Connect pulse wires (64) coming from the seat carriage to the pulse wires (75) coming out of the carriage tube.

Step 3:

Use the clamp (69) and screw (70) to secure the pulse wires in position.

Figure 10

Step 1:

Reconnect the extension pulse wire (75) coming from the carriage tube to pulse wire (57) from the main frame.

Step 2:

Attach the carriage tube (5) to the main frame (1) by sliding the carriage tube onto the carriage tube mount located on the main frame. Secure using hex head screws (55).

Step 3

Secure the rear of the carriage tube (5) to main frame (1) using hex head screw (55) and washer (49).

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