iOptron VERSA 6102 User Manual

iOptron VERSA 6102 User Manual


iOptron® VersaTM 108mm

Doublet ED APO Refractor Telescope



NEVER USE A TELESCOPE TO LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT A PROPER FILTER! Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye.

Children should always have adult supervision while observing

Product #6102

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Welcome to a new world of adventure!

Enhanced by the world's most advanced optical design and cutting-edge optical processing, iOptron® VersaTM 108 double air-spaced 108mm Apochromatic doublet refractor offers a versatile platform that delivers exceptional performance for both visual observing and astrophotography. With outstanding color correction and crisp imaging you'll be able to view beautiful images through your eyepiece, CCD camera, or DSLR camera.

Your telescope does not come with eyepieces and diagonal so as to offer the greatest flexibility in configuring it to your needs.

The 2” compression ring accessory holder accepts 2” eyepieces, star diagonals, camera adapters, etc. The 1.25” compression ring adapter slips into the 2” holder. This lets you use optional 1.25” accessories (eyepiece, star diagonal, camera adapter, terrestrial image erecting diagonal, DSI-type camera, etc.)

These instructions will help you set up and properly use and care for your telescope. Please read them over thoroughly before getting started.

Getting Started

Your telescope comes fully assembled from the factory. The optics have been installed and collimated, so you should not have to make any adjustments to them. Keep the dust covers on the telescope when it is not in use.

Selecting an Eyepiece

Always begin viewing with the lowest power eyepiece. (Note: a 20 mm focal length eyepiece has a lower power than a 10 mm one.) A formula can be used to determine the power of each eyepiece: Telescope focal length divided by eyepiece focal length equals magnification.

Ex. 648mm ÷ 20mm = 32.4X (magnification)

Mounting the Telescope

The iOptron VersaTM 108 is a perfect mate for the iOptron MiniTower™ series goto altazimuth mount, or the iEQ® goto equatorial mount. You need a dovetail rail (either Vixen or Losemandy-D type one depends on your mount’s dovetail saddle) to mount the scope onto an telescope mount.

Use of Optional Accessories

Focusing Telescope

Point the telescope so the front end is aimed in the general direction of an object you wish to view. When you first look in the eyepiece, the image you see may be fuzzy, or out of focus. If so, gently turn the focus knob with your fingers until the image becomes sharp. Go a little bit beyond sharp focus until the image just starts to blur again. Then reverse the rotation of the knob just to make sure you’ve hit the exact focus point. You will have to readjust the focus when aiming at subjects of varying distances, or after changing


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