iOptron Telescope ZEQ25GT User Manual


Quick Start Guide

The ZEQ25GT™ Balanced GoTo Equatorial Mount #7100, #7101


Telescope Mount (with built-in GPS)

Go2Nova® #8408 Hand Controller

1.5-inch Tripod

One 10.4 lbs (4.7 kg) counterweight

Installed AccuAlignTM dark field illuminated polar scope (model #7100 only)

Polar scope LED cable (model #7100 only)

AC adapter (100V-240V)

Controller Cable X 2

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Quick Setup

1. Select a Mount Latitude Range: The mount is set at

Alignment Peg

high latitude range (35~60º) at factory. If your


observation location is between 0 to 35º, you need to


replace the long Latitude Adjustment Knob with the


short one. Unlock Latitude Locking T-bolts on both


sides, do not losen the washers. Unscrew the Locking


Screw on Bottom Latitude Adjustment Post. Replace


the long Latitude Adjustment Knob with a short one.


Thread in the Top and Bottom Latitude Adjustment


Posts and make sure they are fully threaded in.


Reinstall and tighten the bottom locking screw. Insert


the Latitude Locking T-bolts into the upper threaded


holes and tighten them, with the washers.

Short Lat. Adj. Knob

Level Bubble



Lat. Locking T-bolt

Bottom Lat. Adj. Post


Locking Screw


Center Rod Knob

Accessory Tray

Tray Locking Knob

Long Lat. Adj. Knob

Azi. Adj. Knob

Latitude Indicator

For Low Latitude

For High Latitude

3.Attach the ZEQ25 Mount: Retract the Azimuth Adjustment Knobs to allow enough clearance for the Alignment Peg seating in the house. Put the mount onto the Tripod Head with Azimuth Adjustment Knobs on top of the Alignment Peg. Turn Center Rod Knob to secure the mount head onto the tripod. Tighten the Tray Locking Knob to fully expand the tripod legs and secure the Accessory Tray. Adjust the tripod legs to roughly level the mount using the built-in level indicator.

2.Setup tripod: Expand the tripod legs. Adjust the tripod height by unlocking and re-locking the tripod legs to desired height. Position the tripod so that the Alignment Peg faces north, if you are located at northern hemisphere. If you are located in southern half, face the Alignment Peg south. Thread the tripod center rod into the tripod head and install the Accessory Tray and tread the Tray Locking Knob onto it. Do not fully tighten the Tray Locking Knob.

The Alignment Peg may be moved to the opposite position shall the mount hit the tripod leg when used at a high latitude.

4.Adjust Latitude: Slightly loosen the Latitude Locking T-bolts. Turn Latitude Adjust Knob to adjust the latitude until the arrow points to your current latitude on the Latitude Indicator (see 2nd photo in step 1). Relock the Latitude Locking T-bolts.


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