iOptron LIVESTAR PLANETARIUM 9200 User Manual


Quick Start Guide

LiveStar™ Planetarium #9200

With the LiveStar™ Mini Planetarium from iOptron you and your family can experience the excitement of going to a planetarium right from inside your own home! The LiveStar™ Mini Planetarium projects the night sky right onto the ceiling and walls allowing you to explore the stars indoors. You’ll be able to see the stars and constellations – even see the Milky Way. Plus, the planetarium rotates to mimic the rotation of the night sky! Simple to set up and use – it provides a fun way to learn about astronomy.

Fun for the home or classroom!






• See the night sky in your own room!



• Globe actually rotates to show movement of stars during the night.



• Set latitude, date and time to see the night sky where you live.






• Planetarium globe & base



Remote control



AC power cord



Quick Start Guide






Step 1. Align base due south.



Align the compass (at the base of globe) to point south. That is, the “S” should



be on the outer rim.






Step 2. Set local latitude.








Set up the LiveStar™ Mini Planetarium to match your geographic latitude. If you





do not know your latitude, you can visit to find your



latitude. Next, loosen the two Polar Altitude hand wheels (on either side of the



globe) and manually swing the U-Bar out until your latitude aligns with the inner



mark. Then re-lock both hand wheels.

Hand wheel

Step 3a. Set day

Manually move the month dial until the current month and day aligns with the zero on the top dial (see yellow arrow). Note: Each month consists of 3 marks or 30 days (see area between the red lines). So each mark is 10 days. Shown here is March 15 – in the middle of March.

Step 3b. Set hour

Now, manually move both dials at the same time until the current hour is front center (see yellow dash). Shown here is 14:00 or 2pm. So this example shows the sky at 2pm on March 15.

Step 4. Plug in power cord.

To power up the Mini Planetarium – plug the power cord into the bottom of the Mini Planetarium and then into a wall outlet. A red light will appear in the date wheel.

Step 5. Using remote control.

Use the remote control to turn on the light. When you first hit the light button on the remote control, you will notice the light is dim. You can hit the light button again to make it even brighter.

Press the speed button (bottom right button) and experience the change of the night sky as time goes by. There are two speeds. Press once for slow and twice for fast. By clicking a third time you can stop the globe from rotating. (Note: the motor has a safety feature which shuts off after 15 minutes of continuous rotation)

To change direction press the direction button (bottom left button). Press once to change direction. Press twice to resume the same direction.

For more help visit (click under “support”) or email Also talk to other users on our Facebook pages. Search iOptron or LiveStar