iOptron Hunting Equipment 3130 User Manual



AccuAligningTM Polar Scope for SmartEQTM Portable German Equatorial GOTO Mount

Installation and User Manual

Product #3130

iOptron Corporation, 6E Gill Street, Woburn, MA 01801

iOptron’s AccuAligningTM polar scope #3130 is an accessory for SmartEQ portable German equatorial mount. It provides a fast and accurate polar axis alignment with Quick Polar Alignment procedure.

Included in Package:

1X Polar scope #3130

1X Polar scope set screw

1X Polar scope illumination LED

2X M3 screw and nut

Polar Scope

LED eyepiece

Figure 1. Parts list


Install polar scope

1.Unscrew polar scope cover from the mount;

2.Insert included M4 set screw into the treaded hole on the polar scope housing, as show in Figure 2. Use a hex key wrench to turn the screw few turns. Make sure the tip of the screw does not penetrate into the hole, which will block the polar scope insertion.

Figure 2. Insert M4 set screw


3.Insert polar scope all the way into the scope housing, as shown in Figure 3. The polar scope will be tight fitted into the scope house. Secure the scope by tightening the set screw.

2 1

Figure 3. Install polar scope

Install polar scope illumination LED

1.If there is a bar in the middle of the polar alignment opening as shown in the Figure 4, the SmartEQ mount already has an illumination LED as part of the main control board. If you can’t see through the polar alignment opening, it is blocked by the DEC axle. Please turn the mount on and use the UP or DOWN arrow key on the hand controller to rotate the DEC axle until you can see through the opening.

Figure 4. SmartEQTM with integrated polar scope illumination LED

Please go to the Operation part for polar alignment.


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