iOptron Accessories 8603, Accessories 8602, Accessories 8600, Accessories 8604 User Manual


Quick Start Guide

SmartStar® A Series Systems

(8600, 8602, 8603, and 8604)

Step 1. Preparing the Tripod

1. Extend tripod legs to full extension.

2. Slide tray on bottom of shaft (#7). Then screw on round black knob (#9).


Step 2. Attaching the Mount


1. Raise wedge plate on the tripod by turning two tilt


locks (12);


2. Attach mount to wedge plate using supplied azimuth


lock screw (10).


3. lower wedge plate to it’s lowest position by turning the


upper tilt lock upward while lightly push the mount


down. Secure the mount by tightening the lower lock.




Step 3a. Installing Batteries


Note: you may use 8 AA batteries (Step 3) or the AC adaptor


(Step 5) to operate the mount.


Pull the batteries compartment cover (shown) open.


Gently pull the batteries holder (shown next) out of the


compartment to avoid breaking the attached wires.




Step 3b.


Insert 8 AA batteries (not included) in the holder. Refer to the


diagram on the holder to orient the batteries properly. Replace


the holder back into the battery compartment and replace the




For reference: the battery pack fits in with wires on the bottom


right (See arrow in photo). Use only fresh batteries. Using/mixing


old or low batteries may cause error messages.



#2 knob

Step 4. Attaching Telescope


Attach telescope to mount using dovetail lock knob (#2).


(Picture shows 80mm refractor. However all scopes will attach in


the same manner.)

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Step 5. Plug in hand controller and AC adaptor.




Plug hand controller into either one of the two HBX ports on the




mount. Next plug in AC adaptor. (Or use batteries—see step 3).




Turn on power (the red light should go on).

Plug in AC


At this point you can begin observing manually. Use the 4 Arrow keys


(▲▼◄►) to rotate the scope Up, Down, Left, and Right. Use the




SPEED key to change the slew rate from the slowest (1X) to the fastest




(MAX). The next steps show you how to set up the telescope and







controller for automatic slewing and tracking.








Step 6. Set up telescope for auto-observing.




Level the mount using the bubble on side of mount by adjusting




tripod legs. The bubble should be in the middle of the circle. It is




also suggested to use additional levels (such as a torpedo level)




to assure precise leveling.








Step 7. Park Position for Altazimuth Operation


2) Up


Set telescope to PARK POSITION.




(1) Position the mount so that the “SOUTH” mark is facing south




(A compass may be helpful).




(2) The telescope tube should be pointed directly up at the


1) South


zenith. If it is not perfectly straight then loosen the altitude lock


(#4) to adjust telescope.










Please refer to full manual for German equatorial operation.











Step 8. Main Screen




Turn on the mount and wait for controller to display “GPS-OK” in




top right corner —not “GPS-ON”. GPS provides Latitude,




Longitude, and current time only.

Step 9.

Press the MENU key once.

Scroll (with the ▲/▼ keys) to “Set Up Controller”

Press ENTER.

Then go to Set Up Local Time and Site in the next screen.

Select and then press ENTER.

Step 10. Set Up Local Time

Go to:

Set up Local Time (or “Local Time and Site”).

Press ENTER.

Enter date and day-light savings (Y-yes. N-no).

(Note: use arrow keys to scroll through screen and select numbers)

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