ICC IC107C6ABK, IC107C6AWH Specsheet

ICC IC107C6ABK, IC107C6AWH Specsheet

Product Specification

8P8C RJ-45 CAT 6a Coupler Module, Pin 1-1

Package Includes

A. 8P8C RJ-45 CAT 6a Coupler

Module Pin 1-1, 1 pc

Features and Benefits

Provides pin 1-1 RJ-45 CAT 6a coupling.

Reduced rear footprint allows for greater connectivity density and provides for more port configurations in a smaller area.

Compatible with all IC107 faceplates, inserts, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels.

Compatible with all IC108 furniture faceplates, bezels, and surface mount boxes.

Available in black and white.

Part No: IC107CP6AXX

Rev: A

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