ICC IC107BFDWH Specsheet

ICC IC107BFDWH Specsheet

Product Specification

3GHz Nickel Plated Module, 25 PK

Package Includes

A. 3 GHz Nickel Plated F-Type Module, 25 PCS

Features and Benefits

Designed with 3 GHz bandwidth for audio and video applications

Rear threaded F-Type connectors for secure in-wall connections with both RG-6 and RG59 coaxial cable

Provides a clean and neat appearance installation

Compatible with all IC107 faceplates, inserts, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels

Compatible with all IC108 furniture faceplates, bezels, and surface mount boxes

ANSI/TIA-568-C and UL 1863 compliant

Part No: IC107BFD00

Rev: A

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