Hubbell LXi 2900 User Manual

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Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc.

Electric Fire Pump Controllers

Specifications for LXi 2900 Controllers *Wye-DeltaOpen Transition Starting With Transfer Switch * July 2002

The fire pump controller shall be factory assembled, wired, and tested as a unit assembly, shall conform to the requirements of the latest editions of NFPA-20andNFPA-70,and shall be Listed/Approved by and bear the label of UL/FM. The controller shall be HubbellLexingtonLXi 2900 equipped withLXi logic.

The controller shall be of the combined manual/automatic type and be furnished in a floor mounted drip-proofsteel Type 2 enclosure with lifting eyes. The enclosure shall be red with anon-glaresurface. The controller shall be forwye-deltaopen transition starting and designed, tested, and marked for the rated horsepower and3-phasevoltage and frequency in a 40 degree C. ambient.

All electrical components shall be accessible from the front for maintenance and service. No components or component wiring shall be permitted on the door of the enclosure. The controller shall have a common operating handle for both the line isolating switch and the controller circuit breaker mounted in the enclosure flange. The minimum withstand rating for the fire pump controller shall be 150,000 amps RMS symmetrical at 200-600volts.The unit shall be Listed/Approved with UL/FM as “Suitable For Use As Service Equipment”.

The controller shall have separate and independent pressure settings with minimum run timing capable of a setting of 10 minutes. Settings of the pressures shall be established at the time of the field acceptance test. Provisions shall be included to allow manual or automatic shut-downin the field.

The controller shall have two sets of Form “C” contacts for Pump Running, Phase Reversal, Power/Phase Failure, and one set of Form “C” contacts for Trouble. The Trouble contacts shall be activated by the following conditions: Invalid Configuration Memory, Emergency Manual Start, Pump Running, Phase Failure, Phase Reversal, Overload, Locked Rotor, Fail-to-Start,and Lockout.

The controller shall be equipped with LXi intelligent fire pump control system logic. All firmware shall benon-volatileflash based CPLD (complex-programmable logic device). Theboot-uptime for the logic shall be 3 seconds or less. Controllers that do notboot-upand allow the pump to be started in 3 seconds or less are not acceptable. An RS232 serial port shall be supplied for downloading event history to a PC for analysis and printing.

The digital pressure readings and settings shall be displayed on the LXi LCD mounted on the enclosure flange. The LCD screen shall be 4 x 20 (4 lines of 20 characters) per screen, and the screens may be scrolled to give a total of 320 characters. The real time display shall givesimultaneous 3-phasedigital amps and volts for the pump power, and digital display for the system pressure. Controllers that do not simultaneously display digital3-phaseamps,line-to-linevolt readings, and system pressure, are not acceptable.

The event alarm caches shall be compartmentalized, and no compartment shall over-rideany other compartment. The compartments allow for analysis of four types of information events without having to look through all events including those not related to a problem. Events shall be shown with Date and Time for each event occurrence:

1.Events that have occurred during a pump idle period

2.Events that occurred during the last start period

3.Events that occurred during the last run period

4.Events that occurred during the last stop period.

The LED displays shall be mounted on the enclosure flange and have an LED for the following, with provisions for three spare LED’s to be available and programmable for other options or event displays.

Power Available

Fail to Start

Lockout On

Low Suction

Phase Reversal

Run Timer On

Pump Start Delay On

Shorted SCR

Pump Running

Locked Rotor


Overtemp SCR

Pressure Switch Start

Local Manual Start

Remote Start

Emergency Manual Start

Local Manual Stop

Start Timer/Accelerate



The LED displays shall be mounted on the enclosure flange and have an LED for the following:

Programming of the LXi logic shall be from the touch pad mounted on the enclosure flange. Programming shall be password protected so that only authorized personnel can change the logic functions. The fire pump controller shall be ModelLXi 2900 equipped withLXi Logic as manufactured by Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The fire pump automatic transfer switch shall be electrically operated - mechanically held on both the emergency and normal power source sides, and rated for continuous duty in an unventilated enclosure. The transfer switch shall be rated and listed for fire pump service and be UL 1008 listed and FM Approved, and shall be electronically controlled for automatic switching, and capable of manual operation.

The transfer switch logic shall monitor the emergency power source for all three phases before permitting transfer from the normal source. Transfer switches monitoring only two phases of either source are not acceptable. The fire pump automatic load transfer switch specified shall include the following features:

Full Phase Protection – the solid state phase monitor shall be a field adjustable, close differential type, with 85-100%pickup and 7598% dropout. A single adjustment shall set all phases.

Solid state, three phase voltage and frequency monitor on generator output to prevent transfer prior to proper output parameters, adjustable 85-100%of generator voltage and frequency, with adjustable dropout of75-85%setting.

Adjustable 2 to 30 minutes on retransfer of load to normal.

Adjustable 2 to 30 minutes cool-downtimer when the generator set runs unloaded after retransfer to line.

Motor load decay time delay, adjustable from 1.5 to 15 seconds and operating on transfer to either source.

Adjustable 0.5 seconds to 5 minutes time delay on transfer to emergency source after verification of emergency source voltage and frequency.

Test switch to simulate normal power failure.

Phase loss and phase reversal monitor to initiate transfer to emergency power.

“Normal” and “Emergency” position LED’s.

Engine start contacts for generator.

Aux. contacts for normal and emergency positions.

Emergency source isolating switch/motor circuit protector, as a means of disconnect. The switch shall include aux. contacts to inhibit engine starting when switch is open.

Audible and visual alarm to indicate isolating switch is open, with “Normal-Silence”selector switch andre-ringfunction.

Push button to bypass retransfer to normal time delay.

The following diagnostic LED indications shall be provided:

Normal Source Voltage O.K.

Green LED

Emergency Source Voltage O.K.


Emergency Frequency O.K.

Green LED

Transfer to Emergency Timing


Transfer to Normal Timing


Engine Running Unloaded Timing


The transfer switch shall be model LX450 as manufactured by Hubbell Industrial Controls.